10 tricks to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner engine

The vacuum cleaner engine is one of the inventions that has made life enormously easier due to its innumerable advantages. Buying it can be an important investment because its prices are much higher than a conventional vacuum cleaner engine. But we know that it’s worth it for the comfort and the time saving that supposes.

In this way, to amortize this investment and the vacuum robot lasts as long as possible, we must try to use it correctly and perform periodic maintenance of it.

To get the most out of your vacuum cleaner engine, today we’re going to give you a series of tips. If you still do not have one but you are thinking about buying it, we leave you this post with the best vacuum cleaner engine in the market.

Tricks to facilitate cleaning the vacuum cleaner engine

One of the keys to getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner engine is to make your job easier. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary strokes and entanglements. Let’s go there with 5 tips!

1- The unobstructed floors

It is not about cleaning the floor with a mop or a broom since for that we would not have bought the vacuum cleaner engine.

The robot plans a route to clean the floors and for this, it is recommended that you encounter the least possible obstacles. That is, if we have scattered children’s toys, shoes or any object that we can move easily, we remove it. This way, the cleaning will be faster and we will avoid blows that in the long run can damage the robot’s components.

2- Adopt virtual barriers for the robot

Although robots have sensors to detect obstacles, we can acquire so-called virtual barriers so that they do not go beyond certain areas that we do not want to happen. For example, the stairs, that goes under tables or that leaves the door (although for this it is enough to close it).

3- Beware of cables

The cables are the number one enemies of vacuum cleaner engine. The problem comes if a cable is entangled in the robot with the misfortune that unplugs a connected device and breaks it or gets caught and go dragging one of these objects.

In addition, having some cable, or cords is not good for the operation of this robot being able to clog and losing functionality.

4- Prepare the furniture

If you want the vacuum cleaner to pass under some furniture, you must prepare it since it will not be able to pass through those that are smaller than its size. For example, in small furniture such as tables, lockers, shoemakers, etc., you can add chocks.

Also, the chairs are better to put them on the table so that cleaning is much easier and without bumps.

5- Attention to the fringes of the carpet

Most vacuum cleaner engines can climb on a carpet and clean it. But if it has fringes, we find the problem of cables: it can entangle. Therefore, before passing the robot, our recommendation is that you hide them under the carpet.

Once we know how to use it properly, we need to know how to maintain the robot vacuum cleaner to get the best performance.

Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner engine

 vacuum cleaner engine

1- Empty the tank after each use

It is recommended to empty the dirt container after each use so that the next one does not get stuck. If you notice that it has less strength and is recharged, the problem may be the accumulation of dirt or that it is clogging the brushes. Therefore, clean it.

2- Clean the brushes and the filter

As we said, the brushes usually accumulate dirt, which could damage the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is important to review it from time to time to clean them. All have the characteristic that they can be disassembled to clean.

Also, it is also convenient to replace the suction filters from time to time so they do not get clogged.

3- Care of the front wheel

The front wheel is responsible for the main movement. In this way, periodic cleaning is also important so that the vacuum cleaner engine works in the best conditions. Pulling hard we can remove it to remove the hairs and the embedded powder.

4- The sensors

The sensors can also accumulate dirt. Do not forget that the vacuum cleaner is in constant contact with the dust that cleans. If the sensors are not completely clean, the robot vacuum cleaner will not work properly. Therefore, remember to review them from time to time.

5- The battery

Finally, the care of the battery is essential. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions both before using it for the first time, since it will require a load of about 15 hours, and to see how you should do the subsequent loads. If you see that the vacuum cleaner engine returns more frequently than before to its base, it is time to replace the battery with a new one.

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