Furnishing your beach house

Having a beach house is a big plus. You can take refuge for a weekend, to spend your summer holidays, and whenever you want to get away from the monotony of everyday life. Furnishing a second home, however, requires costs which, however, can be contained if you choose furnishings that have the right quality/price ratio.

For the kitchen

Thanks to the KNOXHULT modular kitchen, you have the opportunity to have a kitchen with all the basic functions, albeit of modest size, and all this at a moderate price. Being a modular kitchen , you can add as many pieces of furniture as you need, and then equip your kitchen with additional wall units with doors in which to arrange all the dishes and pots. You can also think about placing an island in the center, among the many models available, if you want an additional worktop and if you have enough space in the kitchen.

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The livingroom

There is no living room where there is not a sofa on which to sip a coffee or relax in front of the TV. To furnish your house by the sea, the FRIHETEN sofa could be for you, a corner sofa bed equipped with a container where you can store the sheets. There is no better solution for a beach house, in fact than having a sofa bed ready to welcome unexpected guests.

The cover is polyester and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is available in different variants but the colors we recommend you choose are beige and blue, which more than others recall the sea. In fact, you could choose the blue sofa if you have decided to choose white as the color for the walls, so as to give a lively touch to the entire living room.

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For the TV cabinet, you could opt for the BESTA model, in the simple or modular model. The ideal solution would be a simple structure to then compose the doors according to your needs. With this particular model, you can place your TV on a glossy piece of furniture with a modern character with a suspended wall unit made transparent by a glass window. The available colors are beige, white, light gray, gray-green, blue, beige smoke, and black smoke. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

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Then in your living room, you cannot miss a table, whether it is smaller or larger, the choice is up to you based on your taste and usefulness. You could opt for the VITTSJO table, in black color, and the glass top that gives a chic touch to your living room. If you prefer a wooden table, you can opt for the OMTANKSAM model, anthracite, and birch. The surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

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We have yet another suggestion for you if you want a coffee table that is not bulky, simple but at the same time refined. This is the GLADOM coffee table, with its simple steel structure and powder coating. It is not a simple table, because its top easily detaches to become a common tray where you can serve fresh drinks to your guests. It is available in different colors including light blue and white, which can be combined with the rest of the furnishings in your living room.


For the structure of the bed, you can choose one with a very simple line like the NEIDEN one, in pine and with a very light wood color, a color that fits perfectly with the style of the house for the sea. It will then suffice to give it more character with other details. In fact, instead of the classic bedside table, you could opt for the KVISTBRO container table in white, or even better in a gray-green color that recalls the shades of the sea.

Then on the bed, you can choose blue sheets and for the pillows, you can opt for the marine print ones from the MUSSELBLOMMA collection, with colorful fish that give a touch of sparkle to the whole room. This collection in particular was created thanks to the recycling of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea. So with just one accessory you can give color to your room and at the same time make an important gesture for our planet.

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