Renew your home with spray paint

Advantages of spray paint

Spray paint is one of the materials that best lends itself to creative and novel ideas in the home. From painting a wall or an exclusive corner to decorating an old object, there are plenty of things that can be done with these spray colors.

Spray paints come in a variety of textures, such as metallic, acrylic, stone, wood, matte, glossy and many others, which will give you different finishes to achieve almost any effect you can imagine.

Advantages of spray paint

Advantages of spray paint

Spray paint has many advantages over regular paints to make your decorative projects.

  • You do not need additional tools, such as brushes, roller or paint trays.
  • The work is done faster than with manual paints.
  • Its finish is uniform, without leaving marks of brushes and roller.
  • The sprays are oil paints, which makes them more durable than water -based paints.
  • It covers more surfaces, because it reaches spaces that brushes and rollers cannot reach.

Some considerations before you start

  • Before using, you must take into account protective measures to avoid damage to you and other objects.
  • The spray paint has a very fine powder that normally travels beyond the area that you want to paint, so you have to coat the surroundings well so they do not stain.
  • For the same reason, it is advisable to use a mask so as not to breathe toxic paint and gloves so as not to stain hands.
  • Preferably, paint in exterior spaces so that the paint particles do not remain in the environment.
  • Avoid painting if there is wind, since you can take the paint, which will need more quantity and probably the painted surface is not even.
  • Very high temperatures can create bubbles in the paint when drying.
  • Consider that, if you paint in the sun, drying will be much faster.
  • When you paint, try to always keep the same distance so that the paint is even and spray the spray from one side to another of the surface to be painted, without concentrating on a single point, so that the paint does not accumulate in a place other than in other.
  • If a part is less painted it is preferable to give a second and even a third hand to the whole area.
  • Now, with these tips you can start using your imagination and painting.

Ideas for painting with spray paint

  • Turn your fan into a rainbow
  • Paint each blade of your fan in a different color. To do so, follow the steps below.
  • Remove the front grill from the fan.
  • Cover the entire fan well with newspaper, leaving only one blade uncovered. Apply yellow spray .
  • When dry discover another blade and cover the yellow.
  • Apply red color in the new blade.
  • Repeat the operation painting the third blue blade.
  • When finished, remove all the paper and put the grid again.
  • When you turn on the fan, you will see a whole range of colors spinning thanks to the mixture of the three primary colors.

Metal pots

  • Recycle canned food and convert it into pots for your small crops.
  • If you have a paper label, remove it from the can and wash it well.
  • When it dries, put it on newspaper and spray the spray in and out of the can. The metallic colors like bronze or silver are better, but you can use some other that you like. Stone finishes are also good.
  • Make sure everything is well covered to prevent it from rusting.
  • If you are going to plant silver that needs a lot of water, you can open a hole in the bottom.

Restore your old lamp

  • That old lamp with peeling paint can be recovered to be as good as new.
  • Sand old paint well so that the surface is smooth and unmarked.
  • Protects the inner part where the bulb and the cable go. Make sure that the socket where the bulb goes is well covered, because if you paint inside it will lose the electrical contact.
  • Apply the spray of the color that you like the most. The metallic textures are better.

Recovers aged furniture

  • As with the lamp, spray paint can be applied to the surfaces of furniture made of wood, plastic, or worn or rusted metal to make it look like new.
  • Cover the surfaces you do not want to paint with tape or newspaper, such as the handles of the drawers, for example.
  • Sand the surfaces well so that the marks of the old paint do not remain.
  • Spray the spray evenly throughout the entire furniture.
  • Let dry and apply a second coat.
  • If you wish you can apply a layer of varnish at the end, for a more brilliant finish and to protect the wood.

Paint a work of art

With a little imagination and a can of spray paint you can paint a picture to hang on your walls. And you do not need to know how to draw!

  • Use a cloth canvas to paint or another surface you prefer.
  • Collect branches and leaves. Paint them on one side and fix them on the canvas before the paint dries.
  • Without moving the leaves and branches, paint the rest of the canvas with another color that matches well with the one you used for the leaves.
  • When the paint on the canvas dries, carefully lift the branches and leaves.
  • This technique can be used with many other objects. Just choose what you want to express in your work of art.

Decorative vases with spray paint

These vases or glass containers that you never use because they are very simple can look very decorative with a simple touch.

  • Stick adhesive tape to draw lines to your liking around the vase, you can also paste other designs, like geometric figures.
  • Paint the vase with the color you like the most. Again, the metallic colors are more elegant.
  • When you dry the paint, carefully remove the adhesive tape and see how your design looks.
  • Give life and color to dry bushes
  • With a few flowers and dry branches you can make an interesting bouquet.
  • You select some flowers and dry branches

Spray the spray paint without getting too close, so that there are a few spots of the natural color of the dried flowers. In this way, you will achieve a very lively double tone.

For this design, pastel colors are better because they give a more natural tone.

Now that you know some things you can do with spray paint, dare to create your own designs. The possibilities are endless.

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