3 Great tips for decorating your home

tips for decorating

The decoration of the house will reflect your personality, and you will be able to express your creativity by adapting your choices to your budget! Here are the tips for decorating your home.

Here is your house out of the ground, you will now bring a personal touch by arranging your interior. Psychedelic or bucolic, rustic or modern, all tastes are in nature. First pitfall to avoid, too great a mixture of styles that would quickly become unbearable! You have to think of the decoration of your home as a whole, avoiding too much “thematizing” the different rooms, both in terms of style and materials used. Always keep in mind the 3 major parameters that are your needs, your way of life, and we evoked it, your personality.

1. A tough choice: colortips for decorating

This is the essential question to ask yourself, indeed the color of your pieces will determine all your subsequent arrangements. A number of aspects need to be taken into account. You have to look at the piece in its entirety, its volume, its shape. The choice of the dominant color must be made first according to the space proposed. If the room is large, changes in hues to create rhythm are welcome. Conversely, it is better to opt for a single color in a small space. Studying the color of existing coatings (tiles, parquet, paneling, matt or glossy) is also very important. Think about the brightness and the orientation of the windows. For example, if they are arranged to the north, we will opt for warmer colors. The color can also put forward a chimney, a painting, beams, or on the contrary put them in parentheses. It is also necessary to work according to the tones of the adjoining rooms in order to find complementary hues to give a dynamic to the whole. Finally, do not forget to consult the members of your family: their tastes and expectations will help refine your choices!

2. The meaning of colors has an important psychological dimension

Warm colors represent enthusiasm. Red, which means strength, passion and forbidden is difficult to use for a corner office for example, unlike yellow. The orange gives the fishing and entails creativity and communication. Cool colors have a refreshing, zen and soothing effect. The blue and the turquoise evoke the rest and give an impression of space. Purple invites to meditation. Green, located at the center of the chromatic spectrum, breathes nature.

Black and white are very used colors in deco. They each have a positive and negative aspect. Black evokes mystery, seduction, but also death. The purity and innocence of white oppose its cold and impersonal side.

3. Current trends

The “nature” atmosphere is currently the most requested. For example, shades of sand are used with brighter touches such as a green foam board. You can also play with vegetal stickers and opt for light oak furniture, parquet matt oak, linen.

The “bohemian decor” atmosphere, full of contrasts, uses very rich and deep colors, such as violet and aubergine or bright colors such as anise green and raspberry.

Orange, mandarin, mocha, chocolate are also very “trendy”. We dare the fusion of styles by introducing very warm decor that goes well with galvanized furniture, a very large suede sofa.

The atmospheres “Baroque”, “city/countryside” or “design” are also in tune with the times.

Finally, trinkets and more personal items will complete the set with happiness!

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