The vintage interior: An ideal retro decoration

vintage interior

If the interior was the body, the furniture would be his bones. That said, for a vintage interior, it also requires compatible elements that will reveal in all perfection the spirit evoked. Thus, it is possible to opt for vintage industrial furniture, or original pieces such as a retro light.

Tips for successful vintage interior

The retro style is back in force in the interior decorations. He seems to have seduced a large part of the biggest fans of decoration. However, for those who want to get started, here are some tips to achieve a perfect vintage interior.

1. The colorsvintage interior

What you need to understand in decoration is that each style has its own lot of flagship colors. For a vintage interior, for example, we will focus on soft colors and not bright. Gray, a little khaki, beige … mustard yellow, turquoise blue, and even orange will be welcome. For the reasons, we will rather move towards the geometric and floral patterns.

2. The materials

Whether for furniture or different accessories, we opt especially for original materials such as slate, wood, velvet, fabric (eg cloth), lace, iron …

3. The soil

To highlight the retro look of the decor, the flooring is also to be taken into account. For this, we will especially look for a natural coating such as a wooden floor. For the kitchen and wet rooms, one can opt for a colorful patterned tile.

Choose your retro pieces.

Succeeding an interior design is having made the right choice of different parts to complement perfectly all. Between vintage industrial furniture and accessories to associate with the decor, it is possible to find a lot of elements to adopt for a vintage interior.

To choose a piece of furniture, for example, much more importance is given to the material and the model. Thus, one can opt for a vintage sofa in velvet, canvas or cigar or velvet stools/poufs… For accessories, we can choose well-colored cushions, with or without patterns … And also, there is the lighting that is vital to all interiors. We will opt for a retro industrial style lighting, Scandinavian or metal for example.

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