Silent Portable Air Conditioner

Summer has arrived and you have not conditioned your home for the high temperatures. Then, it’s time to solve the problem and choose an air conditioner. But, surely, you will ask yourself which of the many options which one will be the best? Well, before buying one, make sure it suits your circumstances.

For this we recommend a silent portable air conditioner. So you can enjoy freshness and comfort in your room.

The benefits of a portable air conditioner are endless. But there are many people who do not have enough space and money to install a conventional air conditioner, at the same time they want to avoid complicated installations and, above all, the noise that traditionally accompany the air conditioners.

One of the most practical options is to have a silent portable air conditioner. Since you can move it easily and allows you to sleep pleasantly at an ideal temperature.

What is a silent portable air conditioner?

What is a silent portable air conditioner?

The air conditioning or air conditioning is a process of air treatment of the environment that allows to regulate in a closed room the temperature of the same (heating or cooling). Humidity, cleaning (renewal or filtering) and air movement.

The portable air conditioner has an internal compressor (the condenser) that absorbs the air in the room and cools it down. These portable air conditioners have about 2500 BTU. This means they can cool rooms up to 40 square meters, enough for rooms and rooms.

At most these portable air conditioners generate 50db of noise when working. We can consider that they are silent. This allows you to have them on at night in your bedroom, without their sound of operation causing sleep problems.

Silent portable air conditioner function

This device has a compressor and a transformer that cools the air. Which is distributed in your home, through the ducts.

In the silent portable air conditioner, the two units are in the same refrigeration unit. This is what allows it to be portable, since it is not necessary to have two complementary equipment.

In order for an air conditioner to be called that, the machine sucks in the hot air from the room and after circulating inside the appliance. Thanks to a series of cooling liquids. It returns it to the room at a temperature of about 12-16 ºC. Part of the hot air that the device collects must be expelled from the room through an evacuation tube.

Within the silent portable air conditioning models we find a wide variety of brands and designs with different technology. And quality of the pieces that make the noise generated by these devices is of a lower level.

For the level of noise they produce also depends on the quality of the material with which the fan of your design and sound insulation system is made. Among the best models of silent portable air conditioners we have:

It gives the possibility to alternate between 4 different intensities (Auto, low, medium and high). This equipment is very easy to use, even if you have never used a similar air conditioner. Also, you can consult at any time the temperature on your LED scree. Either to adjust it or see that it is working properly.

All your options can be handled in a very simple way thanks to its LED type control panel; It also has an additional remote control to control it without having to physically manipulate the device.

It offers up to 3 different speeds: Both when expelling heat or expelling cold.

What to keep in mind when buying it?

The first is to measure the m 2 of the larger room where you want to place the air (taking into account that it is portable, you can take it to different places according to your needs) calculating that it will take between 100 and 140 kilocalories per m 2. Once you have everything clear, make sure that the portable air conditioner that you are going to buy has enough power.

As an orientation, for a room of 10-20 m2, you will need a 1,500-2,000 BTU device. For a room of 20-30 m2, your needs will be between 2,000 and 3,500 BTU. If the room is larger, you may have to put two devices in different parts of the room.

What would be the best place to place it?

You will always need a window or door nearby, since the machine will expel hot air, we recommend leaving it at 50 cm away, and not place it near curtains or blinds for safety.


These are the reasons why you are recommended to buy this air conditioner:

  • Easy installation.
  • You can move from one place to another easily and without the need for additional facilities.
  • Cool small areas without spending so much energy.
  • It is useful for places where you cannot install a central air conditioning system or a Mini Split.
  • There are models with heating function.
  • To operate, you only need a plug and a window.

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