How to create a rustic look in your kitchen

Modern homes tend to have modern kitchen spaces but there has been an increase in popularity in the stylings of rustic kitchens. This look can be achieved whatever the makeup of your kitchen and what appliances that you have installed. Here are some ideas that can get you started with a rustic styled kitchen space.

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Storage – the way that you store items in your kitchen can have an impact on the style. For example if you wanted to create a rustic style you might want to look for storage solutions such as baskets and kilner jars. These all create the feel of a cottage cosy kitchen. The baskets are often made of wicker style materials and can be used for storing items such as fruit and snacks in them. When it comes to kilner jars or other similar jars that have cork style or glass lids, these can all be used to store a number of different items. The items can include pasta and rice as well as other grains, or you might like to use them to store ingredients such as flour.

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Colours – the colours and patterns that you use in the kitchen will also have an impact on its style. If you are looking to create a rustic kitchen then you will want to use nature inspired colours such as yellows, greens and blues. You can also use different shades of brown. It is important that the colours that you choose are not too vibrant and are more subtle tones. This helps to create the cosy, warm feel that comes with rustic, cottage inspired decoration.

Decor – when it comes to adding items to the decor of your kitchen there are a number of ways that you can add some rustic fee to the space. You can have items on your wall such as old posters of food and statements as well as creating items like macrame plant holders that you can use to hold herbs and other plants that you want to display in your kitchen. If you aren’t sure how to craft your own macrame items you can get a Macrame Kit like the ones from that will help you get started.

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