5 tricks to avoid garbage disposal smells

garbage disposal smells

These 5 tricks to avoid garbage disposal smells will be your best allies when it comes to combating bad smells economically and ecologically.

There is nothing more unpleasant than a house with the smell of garbage. No matter how clean we are, there are times when it seems inevitable that the garbage can smells, but with these 5 tricks that we propose, we will be able to avoid the bad smell and even the appearance of insects.

Of course, none of these tricks will be effective if our dustbin is dirty. So, before applying our tips put the gloves and clean the bucket with a scouring pad and your usual cleaner. Dry it well, to avoid musty odors, and choose the trick that you like the most.

1. With baking

Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in the bottom of the garbage can and, if you want to remove the bad smell, add lemon zest or any citrus fruit to serve as an air freshener. Place the garbage bag on top of this and remember to renew it every week.

2. Tea tree

Spray the entire trash can every day with a mixture of one cup of water and 20 drops of tea tree essence before placing the bag. In addition to eliminating odors, you will avoid insects.

3. Citrus juice

garbage disposal smells

Squeeze citrus juice (half orange, lemon, grapefruit …) and pour it into the bottom of the bucket, let it dry. Make sure you do not have any holes to escape through and soil the floor. Place the bag on top and each week pass a damp cloth and then renew the juice.

4. Washcloth with cinnamon

Recycling one of those wipes that are used so that the colors do not mix in the washing machine will get a good freshener for the garbage can. The first thing you have to do is cut it in half, then impregnate it in cinnamon (moisten the wipe before it has dried) and place it at the bottom of the bucket. You can try other spices or even citrus juices.

5. Cat litter

If you have cats at home you can cover the bottom of the bucket with a 5 cm layer of cat litter. Some are perfumed so, in addition to absorbing bad smells, you already have air freshener for the bucket. Change the sand every two weeks.

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