kitchen shelves

The kitchen shelves or cabinets are one of the fundamental elements to take into account when we refer to a design or kitchen remodeling. And it is not only in terms of their design and location, but also the materials to be used and their finishes.

In the past, it was considered natural wood cabinets or white color as the best alternatives to be used in the kitchen. Currently the kitchen has become an area of ​​the house where design and decoration have an important presence.

Main considerations for kitchen shelves

the kitchen shelves

  • The distribution of the cabinets. Locating shelves above and below the counter is the most common; when a house or apartment model is an open kitchen, using the cabinets as dividers is a good option.
  • The materials. The most used material is agglomerated wood, for example the tropical zed or a miff, they are of better price and of great durability. Being very easy to work them makes them so popular. There are also solid wood cabinets, but their maintenance requires more attention and care.
  • The doors of the cabinets. The style of the doors is an important component of the shelves and defines the style of your kitchen. For example, modern styles are straight, without embellishments or curves in their designs.

To learn more about agglomerated wood, enter here.

Combinations of color

  • You can play with the body of the cabinet in a neutral color or the classic white, both inside and outside.
  • The doors can be combined with another color to give contrast, in this way costs are reduced.
  • It also uses a lot of plain colors painted in the case of using raw miff.
  • When they are natural wood cabinets, greater brightness or glazing make a big difference.
  • The hardware can make a big difference in a shelf design

The fittings are an opportunity to differentiate and reinforce our own style. Simply, replacing old handles with more colorful or modern models creates a big change.

In short, there are many details that can be chosen to make a renovation in the kitchen cabinets. Always remember to consult with experts who can give you the best results.

Open shelves for modern kitchens

The open shelves do not need to be just a piece destined to place the dishes. This bright white example for Scandinavian kitchens shows that polished wooden shelves are ideal for potting plants.

Do you have a Scandinavian kitchen adorned with white tiles? A few rows of white open shelves can polish the scene. In this image, a kitchen laden with white and wooden elements that wall the counter tops and the table, and five hanging lamps brighten the items on display.

Do you want a big kitchen, but can you hide? The kitchen wall of the open shelf creates enough space to store everything. A kitchen in the form of a gallery or L-shaped that can hide and show shelves as you please would be ideal, do not you think?

Great industrial style kitchen design

 The apex of the industrial style kitchens is in the loft of New York. This kitchen has managed to get the look, with the open metal shelf that provides extra brightness and a home for ceramic jars.

Do you dream of white and wood kitchens? This example of modular wood kitchen has shelves built into its structure, with enough space to store dozens of bottles of wine, pots and monochromatic dishes. Modern kitchen design in gray and white

Modern gray kitchens do not need to be boring. This Tetris style design demonstrates the point, with oscillating shapes and open terracotta shelves that center the eye.

Open shelves can act as a frame. Painted olive green with a marble splash back, two cases of open shelves subtly fill the space. Chrome blades on kitchen knives and a standing oven offer additional shine.

There is no need for shelves that alter its decoration. Framed in wood and with a rough plaster finish, the rows of white and thick shelves stand out only when they want. In this case the white shelves are combined in the space while highlighting the rustic wooden beams that are visible in the ceiling.

The blackest of the black kitchens can also afford an open shelf. Covered in the shade from top to bottom, this elegant kitchen space opens three wardrobe panels to show your rate. A glass panel in the fridge offers a fresher look.

Open shelves can add elegance and sophistication to a kitchen, work that has been facilitated in this acrylic kitchen. The lacquered furniture reflects and generates LED lights. The hanging lights manage to complete the atmosphere by adding color by reflecting their silhouettes.

Kitchen furniture with integrated open shelves

Show your kitchen utensils on a cascading shelf. This black and light wood kitchen has large cubicles for copper, white and earthenware items. A mini shelf on the dashboard ties the theme, with a row of black cups.

Take a functional approach to your kitchen shelf

These six wooden panels provide six cubicles, ideal for placing some cacti and fern planters, for example. They can move and change places according to needs. Do you have a black and white kitchen that you would like to customize? Using many methods of displaying utensils, this darker space lifts its common bowls and cups into a hanging rack. Indoor herb planters add the touch of nature ideal for the space to look charming.

Fill a blank with smart open shelves. This classic and clean minimalist style kitchen is complemented only by chrome elements, based on a row of four stools, a cone-shaped kettle and dozens of identical shelves for trinkets.

Modern kitchen with subway tiles and wooden shelves

The stools of the kitchen bar are not the only feature of this kitchen. In front of the counter stools we see six rows of open shelves, resting on the white tiled floor. The white and wooden utensils complete the design of this rustic home.

The open shelves instantly update a classic or traditional style kitchen. This pale blue beauty stands out with the plates, teapots and clean white cups that adorn its panels. Some beige benches and green plants help complete the palette.

A hipster could not want more than a kitchen like this. With school chairs, a blackboard and a bike, the simple style in white and wood manages to highlight the accessories such as teapots and spices.

This kitchen evokes a feeling of zen style with open shelving. Two lightweight wooden panels on a natural floor have a variety of shelf lengths. Easily displaced by replacing the platform supports in different perforated holes, they celebrate a range of ornamentation for their simple pots and pans. Modern kitchen design with White Island and open shelves

Do not have enough space for an ornamental wall? Take out your crockery instead. This kitchen of white and wooden blocks offers rows of plates and cups in white and transparent glass. An upside-down table adds another layer of shelves and an element of surprise.

Sometimes the shelf is not the main feature. This white acrylic modular system in C shape makes the shapes while cooking, holding the white dishes and glasses below. A plywood wall creates an ideal shelf for spices.

Do you feel that your kitchen is too white? Design a strip of orange marmalade color in the middle, as with this peculiar kitchen. The display of works of art and tableware in white and yellow is sufficient, the mismatched items can be stored on the right.

Original design of modern kitchen with wooden ceiling

Use your open shelving to introduce a new surface. This white kitchen, coal and chrome joins the design of the corridor from behind in wood. Additional shelves hold utensils and dinnerware.

This compact kitchen only shows its characteristic pieces. As wood and chrome create a modern ambiance, bursts of color in jars of spices, herbal teas and bottles of red wine create a space of interest. A unique tap in wood and a potted African violet add the finishing touches.

Open kitchen shelves with laminated wood bottom

Sometimes it is the content, not the shelves, that attracts the most attention. In the case of this kitchen, a row of unique wine glasses of dark tones stands out in the most demanding eyes. The bottom of the shelves, made of laminated wood, really takes the look of the kitchen to another level of sophistication.

This high-style bar-style kitchen shows a large collection of liquors, with a touch of wine storage. The shelves, with integrated Led lights, create a real spectacle of beverages when turned on.

The white lines of these open kitchen shelves make the light wood look pink. Having spaced ornaments, spices and potted glass jars, this minimalist feature makes a statement of subtle style.

Cannot keep your hands out of cookie jars? Put them up, as in this Scandinavian kitchen. Black cabinets and pastel crockery make the scene full of life. Once again, the metro-style tiles manage to tie up the whole design theme and form a pleasant and peaceful space.

Build your bookshelf in unexpected places, like the wall of the dashboard, for example. These carbon-colored planks twist their shapes around the walls and outer corners, spreading ornaments that combine to create an artistic space.

 Open shelves do not have to be tall. This unconventional kitchen houses wine glasses and spice jars on the shelves. As you will have seen, any kitchen, regardless of its size or style, has space to locate open shelves. With them you will gain in style and storage space, not to mention how comfortable it is to stretch your hand to reach the pot without having to open and close doors with stained hands.

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