How to make cheap flooring in your house

The floor of the house is a very important element of interior design. The right floor can highlight a design or if we make a mistake it can destroy it. The surface that it occupies is considerable, therefore in every interior, it jumps at the sight. If we want to know how to make cheap flooring of the house to look more, it may seem that this is a considerable expense since we think of traditional materials such as mahogany or granite. Materials are indeed beautiful but also of the considerable price.

How to make cheap flooring

Nowadays the possibilities in terms of materials are much broader and we are no longer required to spend considerable amounts for each renovation at home. For the floor, for example, many new materials have been created that not only give good appearance but are also of a relatively low price. Here are 7 tips on how to make cheap flooring in our article. In this book of ideas, we present you 7 alternative materials to cover your floor and we hope to inspire you to beautify your interior.

 1.  Vinyl floor

The model of the vinyl floor you choose will depend on your needs, but it is a material to consider not only because it is easily placed but also because it is easily cleaned. Vinyl is also hard to damage, and even if it happens it will not hurt as much as if it were a mahogany floor. And as if this was not enough, this material is resistant to cleaning products so you should not spend much on special products either.

2.  Linoleum floor

Another material currently used is the linoleum floor, especially used on surfaces of constant use. The linoleum if it stains or deteriorates does not cause bad image since it is easy to clean and also its layered construction causes that when deteriorating one layer exposes the next one with a tone equal to the previous one. This material uses wood, jute, flour and even cork for what can be considered ecological.

3.  Tiles with mosaics

The tiles (which can be combined with mosaics) are still a widely used material. This is due to its durability, which is why this is undoubtedly a long-term investment. If they represent a too strong expense, we recommend covering only the most important areas since, as you know, not all areas of the house need a 360-degree turn.

4.  Polished cement  

This material is great because of the ease with which it is installed and the beauty of its brightness. Polished cement also goes well with certain interior styles, such as industrial style or minimalist design. When installing, take care that it has a thickness of about 3 to 5 centimeters and then just wait for it to dry.

5.  Laminate floors

Laminate floors are also popular at this time, this is due to its easy installation (you can even do it yourself) and if that was not enough its cost is not high. They are ideal for an express renewal, so in case of need do not forget that you have this option. They are non-slip and resistant to human trafficking so they fit into large types of spaces. Its melamine component makes them resistant to radiation so they do not fade easily and maintain their color for a long time.

6.  Rustic wood floors

This is a clear example of the possibilities given to us by the old pieces of wood that have been left over from some other remodeling work, you can cut them into pieces and arrange them on the floor to make them a beautiful floor. With a sanded and a layer of varnish, you will get to shine and look beautiful.

7.  Cork floors

Finally, we could not stop mentioning the cork, since it is economical, easy to acquire and excellent in its maintenance. It is widely used in recording studios because it has the property of isolating sound, absorbing heat and humidity. For all this, it is also excellent for the children’s bedroom. It is not necessary to mention that it is also considered an ecological material.


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