Tricks how to find sewer cleanout

how to find sewer cleanout

A clogged sewer network creates serious problems that affect the integrity of the pipeline, but also create risks to public health. That is why we need to know how to find sewer cleanout. the cleaning of sewage networks is a topic that should interest those in charge of maintenance in communities, large companies, town halls, and farms, as well as citizens and homeowners in any city or rural area.

The lack of clean sewage networks causes problems such as overflow of wastewater on public roads, pollution of the environment, the proliferation of diseases.

Hence the importance of addressing the issue from a community and environmental point of view. The correct use of sewerage networks must be a commitment of all users, be they companies, citizens or the public sector.

how to find sewer cleanout?

Generally, homeowners or residents of communities do not know how many times or when it is convenient to clean sewage networks. Is this something that should be subject to periodic maintenance or only when necessary?

From the point of view of a homeowner, or a maintenance manager in a community or a company, the answer is “when necessary.”

However, another must be the vision of an official in charge of the issue in a town hall or other public entity. This vision must meet a preventive criterion, and comply with a scheduled maintenance schedule scheduled several years in advance.

Public policies on sanitation, health, and hygiene are as diverse as the number of town halls in our country. That is why it is more important to concentrate on the needs of the inhabitants, urban or rural, and how they can identify the opportune moment to contract the cleaning of sewage networks.

A blocked network usually offers signals prior to complete blockage. Among them we have:

  • Bubbling sounds coming from the pipe.
  • Water that does not go down the drainage channels at normal speed.
  • Bad odors coming from the drains.
  • Return of wastewater.

What to do?

how to find sewer cleanout


When we talk about cleaning sewage networks, we must understand that it is a task that goes beyond the structure of the house or the industrial installation involved.

The work involves sewage networks that can affect several properties, which is why we need to know how to find sewer cleanout.

What you need to know about your sewer network

From the point of view of the Public Administration, it is important to bear in mind the following:

If the sewage networks of a certain sector are over 30 years old, it is time to carry out an inspection and perform a complete cleaning, even if there are no symptoms of breakdown or traffic jam.

This is much more urgent, in sewage networks that run under tree-lined roads on their sidewalks. The roots of the trees penetrate the pipes and are one of the most frequent causes of obstruction and deterioration of the sewerage network.

The cleaning of sewer networks is a task that must be carried out by professionals in unblocking pipes. What are the characteristics of a suitable company to carry out this task? Let’s see:

With whom to contract the cleaning of sewer networks?

The experience and the technical and operational capacity of the chosen company must be the criteria that prevail in the selection:

  • The company must have a wide variety of vehicles for cleaning sewer networks, suitable for each action according to needs.
  • Experienced and qualified personnel duly trained to operate high technology equipment.
  • High-pressure water equipment that can solve the most complex problems of clogging sewer networks.
  • Video camera systems that allow the inspection and localization of the main problems in the networks.
  • Availability of mixed intervention trucks, which have the ability to solve problems of any type of traffic jam. This should include vehicles that can operate in small spaces, but with great suction and pressure capacity, such as those used in basements, parking, etc.
  • That complies with the regulations applicable in the country and in the European Community, in environmental matters.

How to prevent the clogging of sewer networks?

The importance of the use of the sewage system is an issue that should raise awareness among all citizens. This can be achieved through awareness campaigns that include visits to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

It is important to make builders aware to separate the networks from the sewerage system and those from the rainwater. It is necessary to avoid the interconnection of roof channels to sewer networks. The latter is designed to receive only the drain. When the connection of rainwater canals with the sewage networks is presented. The increases in the volume of water end up by extruding in the streets.


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