4 keys for a marine decoration

4 keys for a marine decoration

The marine decoration never goes out of style. It has the advantage of being a relaxed, nostalgic, pleasant and very cozy style. Next, we will see four keys to achieve a perfect marine decoration.

Simple ideas for a marine decoration

Simple ideas for a marine decoration

When the summer approaches, the marine decoration, also known as nautical decoration, begins to enter the scene. And is that do not need to go to the beach to be surrounded by accessories and details that remind us of the sea. Blue and white walls, vases, cushions and all kinds of marine accessories, are welcome.

The marine decoration is used a lot in second homes, usually located near the sea. But not only there: it is valid for any type of housing. The marine decoration never goes out of style.

This type of decoration has the advantage of being a relaxed, nostalgic, pleasant and very cozy style. Next, we will see four keys to achieve a perfect marine decoration.

Aspects for a marine decoration

The color

Marine decoration with white and blue stripes. A classic in marine decoration that cannot miss is the color blue and stripes.

As it could not be otherwise, blue and white are the flagship colors of the marine decoration. The blue can be used in all shades: from light blue to indigo. This color transports us to the calm and peaceful world of the sea. White can be broken white, sand white or simply white.

Although these two colors are the kings of the marine style, there are also others that do very well to this type of decoration. You can use for example cedar, green fog, gray or even a few touches of red . Each person must choose and combine these colors according to their preferences and depending on the style they want to achieve.

Colors should not only be present in furniture, textiles and decoration accessories. The walls are also a fundamental part of a marine environment. Painting the walls with these tonalities will make the spaces transmit the tranquility, spaciousness and cleanliness of the sea.

The materials in a marine decoration

To achieve a perfect marine decoration, it is also necessary to take into account the materials that will be used. Wood is undoubtedly the one that best reflects life in the sea. In addition, wood is a very cozy material that will help us create a very warm environment.

Ideally, a space with marine decoration has the wooden floor. But you can also use this material on the ceiling or even on the walls by placing friezes.

Light colors are preferred for this type of decoration. Wood painted white is undoubtedly the best option. Wood should also be present in chairs, tables and, in general, in all furniture.

Decorative objects of marine decoration

An essential element is the decorative elements that evoke the sea.

All the details that can be contributed at decorative level are essential to create a marine environment. You can find numerous thematic supplements that will give the space a very special touch.

Marine knots, ship’s anchors, boats, fish, shells and starfish are very welcome. With these accessories, space will be transported immediately to the world of the sea.

As for textiles for furniture, cushions, carpets, tablecloths, napkins, etc. The stripes are undoubtedly the stamp par excellence . And, of course, the favorite colors are blue and white. The crockery can also have details with stripes of these two colors.

Other decorative accessories such as vases, candles, lamps should also be part of this game. You must choose objects in the same blue and white tones or that incorporate natural materials linked to the world of the sea, such as shells or ropes.

If you want to give a touch of collector or more sophisticated, you can also add items such as spyglasses, lifeguards, astrolabes and other marine accessories.

It is that it seems that these objects have had a previous use, really if they are somewhat worn out much better. It is possible to acquire remains of accessories in all kinds of antique fairs, flea markets of used objects, different online pages, etc.

Natural light must be abundant

Finally, light is an essential theme in marine decoration. A space that evokes the marine world must be full of light. When we think of the sea we do it immediately in an open environment, with lots of natural light and lots of sun.

For spaces with marine decoration to be perfect, it is necessary that they have as much natural light as possible. The idea is to allow the sun and light to enter in a massive way, with a lot of lighting, taking for example the curtains always open. The white color will help us achieve this effect.

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