Interior decoration: 5 ideas to recycle wooden furniture

Interior decoration: 5 ideas to recycle wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can last for many years. But they also spoil over time and the fashions change. However, buying new furniture can mean a significant outlay of money. Perhaps, recycling wooden furniture is a better option. Before buying new furniture we will give you some tips to repair and restore the ones you already have. And we will explain to you what the you can transform them into authentic jewels.

Recycling will not only benefit your pocket, but also you can develop your creativity, imagination. We leave you some ideas to inspire you when converting that old wooden furniture into a totally new one.

Recycle wooden furniture

Recycle wooden furniture

Table made with vegetable boxes

A simple decoration that gives a more rustic image. A good way to recycle wooden furniture.

A simple way to recycle these wooden boxes in which the vegetables and fruit come is to turn them into a beautiful rustic table. You can use it in the living room as a side table. You can varnish it or paint it in the color that suits your salon. Then, you can use it to store magazines or to place blankets in it. If you wish, you can add some wheels. Without a doubt. It is a fantastic economic and decorative option.

Shelving made with wooden staircase

Do you have an old wooden staircase at home? Do not throw it away. Because you can use it as a decorative element. You will only have to open the stairs, restore the necessary areas. And add some stops on the legs to make it more secure. After these steps, add wooden shelves between the steps. It is preferable to screw the boards to the structure so that everything is firmer and safer. Now you can put in it some decorative elements.

Library with vegetable boxes

Another way to give another use to your old vegetable boxes. Which we have already seen at the beginning, is to build a bookcase or a library. For this, we will follow the following steps:

  • You can paint them the color you want so that they adapt to the decoration of your home.
  • Then, you must screw several boxes together and make sure that the structure is firm.

As you can see, this library is the simplest to build. After performing these steps, you can already have your books and some decorative items on it.

Convert the crib to a desk

The crib is one of those things that your children will no longer use. And at the same time an excellent way to recycle wooden furniture.

Children grow very fast and if you have a crib that you are not going to use again, do not throw it away. You can easily build a desk with it. Just put a wooden or glass surface to support all your things. You can decorate and paint the entire crib to give it a different touch. Secure the legs of the crib so that it does not move and that they are much safer.

Side table with pallets

The pallets are supports in a way that they serve to transport merchandise. If you have any of them in your house. Do not throw it away. You can turn it into a side table.

Many people choose to leave their natural color. Others, only varnish them. The options are multiple. Choose the one that most interests you and enjoy an easy and original side table.

Tips for recycling wooden furniture

We tell you the basic steps you have to do to make your wooden furniture look like new. Learn the best techniques to leave them as a professional.

Choose a good painting: the paint should be of quality. This is essential to achieve the best finish. Look for latex or acrylic paints.

Sanding the furniture: to get a better finish do not hesitate to sand the wooden furniture first. This will make it look much better. Choose a sandpaper of medium grain. This way you will eliminate the varnish and all the chips that it could have.

Prepare the furniture: wipe the wooden furniture with a cloth. And if there is any damage, try to solve it or camouflage it, for example a hole.

Add a sealer: it is a viscous material that allows the furniture to deteriorate. Also, if we have painted them, using a sealer the final finish will be spectacular.

If you want to save some money, do not hesitate to take advantage of everything you have at your disposal to decorate your home. And create shelves or functional furniture. Many times, everything we need we have around us. Are you ready to test your creativity?

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