Where to sell craft products online

Online businesses have skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the growth of social media. With the help of social media, many people have been able to open their own businesses without traditional overheads such as commercial rent.

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A popular niche within the small business world is that of handmade craft products.

If you’re an artisan or a craftsperson, you may find that social media is the perfect place to showcase your abilities and products. However, there may be a point at which you would like to expand your audience in order to sell more products.

In this case, online marketplaces can be a great avenue for you, as they offer a dedicated place for new customers to find your products.

What type of craft products to sell online

Before signing up to sell your craft product on a marketplace, it may be worthwhile to search on each to gauge the competition. This could help you to decide which platform may be best for you and your sales. Researching others selling similar products can also help you find keywords to include in your product description and add to your potential success.

Given the popularity of craft products, there is a strong chance that you will experience some competition when selling your products. This is where the importance of creating a good product listing and being dedicated to your growth comes in.

If you find yourself inspired to make your own craft piece, you could try macrame. Online sellers of macrame kits such as woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits allow you to try the hobby without investing in an entire set-up. A macrame kit is an excellent way to test the water and see if you like the hobby before jumping in fully.

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Top online retailers for craft products

Many online marketplaces favour handmade products – or at least have a feature for indicating that a product is handmade. See this article from the guardian on tips of how to make money from a hobby.

Folksy requires all products on its platform to be handmade. Places like Etsy and Not on The High Street denote handmade items through an additional badge on the product listing.

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