Solid wood floor restoration

If you’ve got a solid wood floor that you want to restore then you’ll find that it can be quite easy – if you have time, patience, and a lot of elbow grease! It’s a labour-intensive task, but one that’s certainly worthwhile.

Clear your space

Before you start make sure that you have cleared the floor completely, there is nothing worse than working around furniture and finding out that you’ve missed a spot. When you move furniture make sure that you don’t mark your solid wood flooring, but if you do, remember you can always sand the scratches out.

Sanding or polishing

Although your floor doesn’t need to be as durable as a high-rise viewing platform you don’t want to damage it when sanding, so before you start check that it is still thick enough.

If you hire a sander, get some practice before turning it on, they can be quite cumbersome and hard to use, so knowing what it feels like first will help. If you opt to polish your floor, make sure that there are no small stones or similar that could leave marks as you buff.

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If you are a landlord of a property or properties, then you probably know it can get rather busy when trying to get it ready for the next client to move in as soon as possible as time is money.  Wood flooring is very beneficial because it’s easy to maintain and easy to clean.

These restoring tips will hopefully come in handy as you will no doubt be doing a full property inspection to check for marks or breakages.  This as you know is time consuming and sometimes hard to note down but with an Inspection app life gets a lot easier as it’s all done in one place.

Perfect finish

If you want engineered wood flooring then you’ll want it to look its best.
To make sure that you get a flawless finish use a high-quality seal or varnish and apply it in even strokes, with the grain. Give it at least 24 hours to dry too!

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