Practical things to Consider Before Adding a New Conservatory to Your Home

With summer on the way now, many of us like to embrace the beauty of the garden and the outdoors. The beautiful weather, the greenery and the longer days mean that we tend to feel better too.

When it comes to our homes, this is the time of year that you may be considering adding a conservatory to your property – with the unpredictable summer weather, this is a great way to have a bright and light space that you can enjoy, not just in the summer months but all year round.

If this is something that you have decided to do, here are a few things to think about so that you can create your perfect conservatory that will benefit you for many happy years…

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Furniture – How you furnish your conservatory will set the tone of the room and also help you to get the best use out of it. A conservatory is a very versatile room, so you can use it for a wide range of things. Think about how you and your home will most benefit from it before you start to add furniture to it. You might even want to look through some photos online or in magazines to get some inspiration for how you can best furnish it.

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Heating – Something that many people find is that their conservatory can feel cold in the winter. Unless you have planning permission, you can’t put central heating in your conservatory, so you need to think about how you will heat it so that it is a comfortable room that you can enjoy all year round. Electric heaters can be fixed to the walls and can easily heat a room up, or you could look into putting underfloor heating in. Find a local company like this underfloor heating Gloucestershire based company who specialises in doing this.


Style of Conservatory – There are many different styles of conservatory, and it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with them and get an idea of what each one is like before you embark on having a new conservatory. From the orangery style, which is more like a room, to the traditional Victorian style conservatories, have a look at the different types and decide what you want from it and what style suits you.

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