Essential Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

There are several types of essential maintenance that you need to perform on your roof. While replacing your roof may not be necessary, you should consider some of the following steps to protect your roof to keep it from requiring expensive repairs at a later date.

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First, you should inspect your flashing. During this process, you should either install new screws to secure sections that have come loose or replace cracked flashing. Patching a hole or tear in the flashing may also require new roofing cement. Find out more about Roof sealant by visiting a site like CTEC, suppliers of Roof sealant products.

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Before the winter season starts, you should begin by inspecting your roof for damage. Overhanging tree branches should be pruned to reduce their risk of breaking or damaging your roof. Also, high wind can whip overhanging branches, which can cause serious damage to your roof. By trimming them, you can prevent damage to your roof during the winter months. This maintenance is especially important during the winter season when water and wind are the biggest threats.

You should also check your loft space for water intrusion points. Although roof damage is often not detectable through its covering, you should always check the loft for signs of water ingress. Signs of water ingress include visible damp patches on loft beams, walls that have mould on them, a damp or musty odour and possibly paint peeling from the walls. Be sure to invest in high quality sealants to keep moisture at bay.


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