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Types of window glass: Climatic

How are Climatic windows? What are your main window glass? We explain everything you need to know below.

The “Climatic type windows glass”  are the first type of windows that come to mind when we consider changing the windows of our houses, either because they have recommended them to us or because we have read them in the forums. However, few people know what these “Climatic type windows” really are.

The double glazing has as main advantage the thermal and acoustic insulation that it provides to the window glass. This is due both to the two glasses that compose it and to the air chamber.

So that the thicker the glasses, the more acoustic insulation we will obtain. And the wider the air chamber, to a certain extent, the greater thermal insulation will provide. In this way, the most common composition for double glazing is usually 4/12/4. That is, the glasses are 4 mm thick and the camera 12mm.

Types of window glass for windows

Types of window glass


It is also very important to take into account the different types of glass that exist in the market. And the different treatments to which they can be subjected. Since we can combine their properties with the double glazing to get the window that best suits them.

However, it is useless a good glass without a good profile to accompany it. If we acquire a glass with a high thermal insulation, for example. But the profile is not insulating. The cold will filter through the window frame, thus canceling the insulating effect of the glass.

For this reason, when changing the window, we must bear in mind the properties of the profile that we are going to install. Taking into account that the aluminum profiles with thermal bridge break or the PVC profiles are the ones with the highest thermal insulation.

Insulating window glass

It is also important to take into account the type of window we plan to install. Slides, for example, are worse insulators, so if we want to make good use of the insulating properties of glass we will have to install practicable windows. Since they have a pressure closure that will prevent the entry of air or noise into the house.

In addition, it is important to remember that there are windows that will not allow us to include a glazing with much thickness. So, when choosing a window we will have to keep in mind all the elements that are going to compose it.

Laminated or safety glass

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Laminated glass, security, tempered, low emissive. How difficult sometimes to make a decision! And it is that if you must choose your future windows or you are simply thinking about changing them, you will have to choose one of them.

Laminated glass or safety glass is a very resistant material ideal for acoustic insulation and also provides more security to your windows.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass consists of the union of two or more glasses (sheets) through the use of a special glue called polyvinyl butyric or PVB, a plastic material with excellent qualities of adhesion, elasticity, transparency and strength.

This gives the window glass an improvement in acoustic insulation and also in security.  This provides protection against possible intruders in our home and also prevents domestic accidents, because there is no risk of cutting or nailing a piece of glass.

Although it is one of the glasses, in particular the most used, as far as security is concerned this is not the only one you can find to fulfill this objective.

Main characteristics of laminated glass

This is due to the burial lamina. This is undoubtedly its most outstanding feature, hence its installation is recommended for uses with special safety requirements and protection of people and property.


The fragmentation is a plus, as we mentioned earlier because, in case of breakage, the fragments are stuck to the glue.

Acoustic isolation

This type of glass improves the acoustic attenuation of the house thanks to its composition, achieving greater comfort for your home and permanently banishing noise.

Transparency and durability

The composition that includes the PVB film does not alter the qualities of the glass, such as transparency or durability.

Solar control

top window glass

This type of glass is not incompatible with the protection of ultraviolet radiation. You can add this property to filter the UV rays, yes, the cost will increase.


There are multiple possibilities to put the colored glass, because the sheets can be transparent, translucent, opaque … and also with colors. Take a look at the different brands.

And one last fact to keep in mind, especially when you approach to inform yourself, is that the composition. These glasses is represented as a sum of the thickness of the glasses that in turn makes them up.


Many times we think about which is the best heating for the winter and we do not remember that the best defense is a good attack.

Types of window glass: Climatic

Changing both the frame and the glazing of your window glass towards a more efficient one means improvements in the energy needs of the building with the consequent savings in economic terms. Also, as a consequence of reducing energy consumption, there is less energy production and less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We also think about cumbersome endless works and nothing is further from reality. Let’s take an example. Let’s see the whole process to change some windows.

  • I have decided that I want to change windows. I go to PVC and they send me a technician to measure my windows and give me an exact quote.
  • Once the budget is approved and the payment terms agreed, the windows are ordered to be manufactured. The time depends on the distributor, dates, quantities, etc.
  • In case of subsidies, they would be informed by the distributor.
  • Once the windows are manufactured, the moment of placement has arrived. Do not worry about anything. It is the simplest works since there is no need to move furniture not to cover things.
  • The old window glass is dismantled. Mounts with anchors and foam and to dry.
  • It depends on the number of windows the work takes between 1 day and 1 week so it does not involve much discomfort.
  • And now it is to enjoy them. Enjoy the new thermal and acoustic comfort. Not a single traffic noise. Dining with his family in shirt sleeves and saving heating or air conditioning. In those moments you discover that the investment was worth it.

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