In addition to being practical, functional and comfortable, what is required of an office, desk or office located at home? That is decorated with good taste to be integrated into the decoration. Do not you think it should be like that?

Therefore it is extremely important to create a cohesive space with the rest of the home, independent, yes, but balanced with the decoration of the house, as these offices that we will see below.

10 fabulous ideas to create and integrate a desk or home office. Take note that we started.

An office, integrated desk at home

Introduce the right, but that these elements have style and personality and you will be right.

If the office is located in the room, a good idea is to choose a desk that does not stand out. Fine, elegant and subtle, since it is the largest piece of the set, and, to integrate the office with the decoration of the room, lean on the chair.

A chair that stands out or combines with the rest of the room, such as the beautiful and mythical Windsor chair that we see above these lines, will make the office seamlessly integrated without appearing to be an extra addition.

Desk and home office

There are shelves and shelves of all kinds of colors and finishes. I say this because we have no excuse not to choose pieces that are integrated into the decoration, whatever this may be.

The ones we see above these lines are from IKEA, both the drawers and the desk envelope.

Simple and simple lines, modern, that fit in any modern space today.

An office, desk integrated into the house below the staircase

The hole under the stairs becomes a perfect place to integrate a desk.

Naturally, although we are talking about a passage area, it should also be integrated with the aesthetics of the staircase and the area itself, like this office that we see above these lines.

An office, desk integrated into the house with a cork wall

If you need a board, do not put the typical cork board in the middle of the wall, it is horrible and vulgar. It ruins the aesthetics of the scene.

Instead, you can line an entire wall, giving presence and personality to the space.

Nowadays it is easy to find this type of material as a wall covering for a pretty good price. Here you can buy cork sheets for the wall.

Modern style blank home office desk

Something that always works, is that both the chair and the desk, as well as the shelves or other elements that make up the office or desk, are the same style so that the whole set breathes harmony.

If you do not want it to stand out, be careful with wood. The more coarse and rough it is, the more presence it has and the more it will recharge.

The furniture in white of simple and simple lines fit better in practically any space. Like these modern desks that we see below.

With white metal structure and natural wood top in medium tones, also from Kenay Home .

Ash wood legs and blank envelope with storage spaces, also from Kenay Home .

Let’s continue with more ideas to integrate the office at home.

An office, integrated desk at home

Nor do we have to complicate a lot when creating an office at home. As I said before, less is more.

With a couple of basic elements such as a chair and a desk, to match the style of our space, it is enough in many cases.

The trick is that everyone adds up without going overboard, so as not to overload the space or make it seem like a separate addition.

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