The Best Ideas to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom

minimalist bathroom

Every day the minimalist decoration is more in trend, the bathroom does not escape this style of decoration. This decoration is super basic if you want to have a functional, comfortable and stylish minimalist bathroom.

The bathroom of your house should be one of the most pleasant places to enjoy a good shower or a moment of relaxation; There we must combine hygiene, functionality, and comfort, beyond decorating an environment following simple lines, it is to create a space focused on the essential.

The minimalist design is functional, each object that is inside the bathroom must fulfill a function, so we must get rid of excess furniture and ornaments, it is a soft, monochromatic and functional style.

Keep these simple ideas in mind to decorate your bathroom in the minimalist bathroom style.

COLORSminimalist bathroom

The minimalist bathroom should be of little colors, always neutral, do not limit yourself to pure white, you can be light gray, beige, bone, these colors give spaciousness and luminosity to your bathroom, so decide and choose the light color that you like most. As we show you in the following image, sober colors combined with some pieces. It is one of the best minimalist bathroom decorating idea.

You can paint the walls in a pale beige color, and the toilet and sink in white. That combination maintains the minimalist essence without being all white. You can also place in a completely white or light gray bathroom, the faucets and fittings in black will be a very elegant atmosphere.


The lighting in the bathroom is very important, the ideal is the natural light that enters through a window in the wall or a skylight, if not try to place lamps in designs of soft and clean lines to have the bathroom lit.

Take advantage of the bathroom mirror and place it in front of the window, so you will have much more light in that space, leave the mirror without a frame, or with a wooden frame in a light tone, if the mirror is round much better, remember that the lines of furniture and accessories should be simple.

Choose white light and place several points of light, where necessary.

FURNITUREminimalist bathroom

The minimalist decoration focuses on creating an impressive and sober atmosphere with the least amount of furniture possible, looking for natural finishes that highlight and give texture to each space. In furniture, there are many ideas, here I bring you a functional good.

Find furniture with a lot of space to store, because everything must go inside the furniture, take advantage and get rid of the things you do not need, stay only with what is necessary. Prefer that furniture with large drawers, where you can place and have on hand the things you need in the bathroom. It is one of the best minimalist bathroom decorating idea.

The furniture made only in the wood are typical of this type of decoration, however, you can also place furniture in wood and stainless steel you will have a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Remember the furniture in this type of decoration is of pure geometric shapes, with straight lines and natural materials.


The faucets as simple as possible, with simple and smooth lines, in chrome, give a feeling of cleanliness, they can also be in bronze, they will look great, they should be without ornaments and details.

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PLANTSminimalist bathroom

It is important that you place a plant in the bathroom, indoor plants bring nature into the house, choose a plant with large, rounded leaves, place it in a simple pot, it will look great. It is one of the best minimalist bathroom decorating idea.

Placing a plant gives beauty to the bathroom, conveys a pleasant feeling of freshness.


There are many materials that you can use in the bathroom: You can cover the walls with simple, single-tone tiles, it will create a very elegant minimalist atmosphere.

Try with white and wood walls finish, it will give you a smooth and clean environment, it is pure minimalism.

Dare with the surfaces in marble or granite, the texture that gives the stone is very special, they are very durable coatings, you can place it on the wall where the mirror is, or on the countertop of the sink, and thus you will have a simple and functional environment.

You can also have chrome finishes on the furniture. In this bathroom style, it is more appropriate to place a glass door in the shower area.


  • The trick to getting minimalist bathrooms is that each piece of furniture or piece used does not take up much space.
  • As for the furniture, just locate the necessary ones.
  • Remove excess accessories.
  • Keep the bathroom clean and tidy, place the necessary inside the cabinets, do not leave anything on the surfaces.
  • Light tones, smooth textures in towels and bath mats.
  • Have a big mirror.
  • Placing a plant gives it a touch of color and provides a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Remember less is more, in minimalist decoration.

The characteristic that defines the minimalist style is the use of straight lines, the use of the least amount of furniture and objects possible, following these tips you will have a clean, clean and very functional bathroom, in the best minimalist bathroom style.

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