10 impeccable house cleaning tips

house cleaning

Your home communicates who and how you are, keep it bright with the following 10 house cleaning tips so that your house always speaks well of you.

The house cleaning tips

1. Make your bed before leaving every morninghouse cleaning

In addition to being a habit that psychologically influences your mood in a positive way, laying your bed before leaving will help your house to be always tidy.

2. Wash the dishes right after using themhouse cleaning

Like the bed, cleaning the utensils you used when cooking, as well as the dishes after each meal, keep your house in order and also prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause the bad smell.

3. Include in your daily routine the duster

It is very simple to use and you will quickly leave the furniture free of dust. There are microfiber shakers that work like particle magnets and will help you clean even faster.

4. Recycle your sockshouse cleaning

They are excellent for dusting blinds, as well as hard-to-reach places.

5. Clean your plants in the bathtub

Indoor plants, in addition to beautifying spaces, are an excellent way to oxygenate your home. Spray them completely in your bathtub once a week and they will always look very nice, and they will be better able to filter the air.

6. Don’t forget the walls

Every month or at least every two months, make a space on your agenda to clean the walls. This will prevent the accumulation of dust and also keep the paint in excellent condition for longer. You don’t need to use anything other than a damp cloth.

7. Always have baking soda on handhouse cleaning

If you mix it with lemon juice it is excellent for removing fat, for example, the one that accumulates in the traditional oven and also in the microwave. It also serves to polish the tiles of the bathroom or kitchen.

8. Put in your place what you are no longer using

One of the most useful cleaning tips so that your house is always impeccable is to keep everything you used immediately after doing it, for example, hang your clothes and leave your shoes in the right place as soon as you take them off. The disorder is a visual polluter, so try to avoid it if you want to have your home sparkling.

9. Use toothpaste or vinegar in faucets

So that the keys of the bathroom and kitchen always look like new, clean them with a cloth moistened in vinegar or place toothpaste and let it act for a few minutes.

10. Always clean from top to bottomhouse cleaning

It may sound obvious, but this article would not be complete if it is not mentioned. When you shake your house, do it from top to bottom, that is, start with lamps, pictures, high shelves and from there to the furniture or objects that are underneath.

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