Decor Interior

Wool rugs, charming and cozy

Wool rugs are the perfect complement to add a touch of warmth to any room. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the different benefits they have. Although their use is limited in many homes to winter, as they protect the family from stepping on the cold ground, there are other reasons to put […]

Cleaning Home Improvement Kitchen

How to use a gas oven

Kitchen professionals love gas ovens to prepare their dishes. This is because they withstand high temperatures and work quickly. On the other hand, at home, they tend to behave more irregularly and imprecisely. In addition, this type of oven works with natural gas, so ventilation to the outside is needed. If you have purchased one […]


How to wash the curtains

The washing of the curtains is different for each type of curtain. The material with which they are made is what most influences the chosen method, although there are also other aspects to assess. Although putting them in the washing machine is the most practical, this quick and easy wash is not always convenient: some […]

Cleaning Laundry

How to wash a wool blanket

Blankets made of natural fabrics, such as wool, are very delicate. They have gone through very few industrial processes to obtain the final product. In general, they are of excellent quality and very fragile in the face of frequent cleaning. On this occasion, we will be reviewing how to wash a wool blanket and keep […]