Items to Build a Complete American Kitchen

The integration of spaces is a reality in many Brazilian homes and American cuisine has been part of this concept for years. The junction of this room with the living or dining room helps to optimize spaces and can be designed in classic or contemporary styles.

Its open and functional layout enhances the architecture of the house and also allows constant contact between the host and the guests, generating interaction and a pleasant atmosphere.

In this post, we will show you the main items to assemble an American kitchen and help you make this space your own.

The rooms that are most often integrated are the kitchen and the living room or dining room, thus bringing the famous idea of ​​the “American kitchen”.

The specific feature of the American kitchen is a small countertop, which does not separate, but delimits the space between the kitchen and the living room. This bench is accompanied by stools and goes beyond decoration or room marking, as it will also be widely used to make quick everyday meals.

This idea is often adopted by architects and decorators for small houses or apartments. The great advantage is that the American kitchen allows better use of space, in addition to giving the impression of more amplitude to the environment.

Another advantage is the possibility of communication between who is in the kitchen and who is in the living room. That is, when you are hosting friends at home, for example, you can accommodate them in the living room and still talk to them while cooking or organizing other things. Everyone will be able to participate in the same conversation, making the atmosphere more dynamic and relaxed.

And if you’re having trouble choosing stools, I’m going to suggest two models for a simple and beautiful American kitchen:

1. Megan Stool :

it has straight lines, it’s simple but elegant. It has a steel structure and black, nude, or brown eco-leather coating. It also has a chrome iron footrest, which in addition to making it even more beautiful, adds functionality and comfort. Due to its clean design, it fits into different types of decor.

2. Iron Stool :

Perfect for industrial decor style, but also fits perfectly in many other styles. It is made in three different heights and the highest you can still find with a backrest (high or low). It is all cold stamped steel in different colors.

Other tips for a simple and beautiful American kitchen

Correctly measure the entire space to know what your possibilities are in terms of width and depth/length of the bench. This is important so that you don’t go over your limit, making the bench an obstacle instead of an aid to your daily life;

Still talking about measurements, pay attention to the height of the bench. Ideally, it should not exceed 1.10 m. This is an ideal height because if it is too high, it can be disproportionate to the height of some people, not to mention that you will probably have difficulties in finding compatible stools;

The ideal space between the stool seat and the bench is 30 cm. This is one more reason not to exaggerate the height of the countertop. Choose your stools calmly, prioritizing comfort and measurements. In addition to the height, it is essential to check the width of each one to compare the total width of the bench and know how many stools you can use.

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