Feel the Force: 10 ideas to decorate your house in the style of ‘Star Wars’

fans of ‘ Star Wars ‘ commemorate the birth of the legendary film saga created by George Lucas around the world . This holiday is because a day like today, in 1979, the members of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom congratulated Margaret Thatcher for her electoral victory with a press release that began: “May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations. ” The game of words from the famous phrase “May the Force be with you” (“May the force be with you”) remained in the memory of the fans since then.

However, there are those who pay homage to this cinematographic universe every day of the year at home, even from the front door: not in vain, there are many doormats that pay homage to the saga. On this date so indicated, we travel to a galaxy far, far away to collect some ideas that allow you to turn your house into a true temple of ‘Star Wars’:

A robotic and intergalactic vacuum

Samsung launched a few months ago a fleet of robotic vacuum cleaners ‘Star Wars ‘. You can choose between two models, one with Darth Vader face and one with ‘stormtrooper’, which means that the Dark Side will work at your orders to clean your home. Of course, these vacuum cleaners come prepared with phrases from the series and the soundtrack of John Williams . Undoubtedly, order from your ‘smartphone’ that a robot clean your house while playing the Imperial March is priceless.

The lamp with galactic holograms

Any ‘Star Wars’ enthusiast will remember the famous hologram in which Princess Leia hides a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi in ‘A New Hope’. Surely you too would be excited to turn on the light in the room and suddenly a hologram of the Millennium Falcon was projected to dye the whole room green . Well, far from sounding like a science fiction, today in the catalog of The 3D Lamp you can find these lamps that project holograms of the famous ship, R2-D2 and the Death Star.

A replica of R2-D2 almost real …

It is the dream of many of the fans of ‘Star Wars’: to have the company of the most adorable plump robot in the galaxy. So much so that thousands of enthusiasts are part of the R2-D2 Builders Club , an online community that shares the plans to create a droid exactly like the fiction that can move or emit sounds by remote control. Although they have managed to build amazing replicas, making one is not available to everyone: requires advanced technical knowledge, an investment of about 12,000 euros in materials and at least one year of work.

… or a trashed version

If you are not such a handyman as to undertake a project of such magnitude, you can always have a more humble version of R2-D2 like the one proposed by this user of Instructables. With this tutorial to turn the mythical metal trash can into a friendly R2-D2. It is undoubtedly one of the home objects most similar to the robot in shape and stature, so it is undoubtedly a good tribute.

A giant AT-AT for the garden

From the imagination of the ‘youtuber’ British Colin Furze have come out all sorts of inventions and crazy creations thanks to which he has achieved five Guinness awards. Among his most popular works on YouTube is the construction of an AT-AT ( the famous giant Star Wars vehicle ) the size of a house he has placed in his own garden. Although he himself recommends not to imitate him in many of his projects, in this video he explains to his fans the steps to follow to raise the imperial colossus in your garden. Of course, this masterpiece seems unfeasible for the rest of mortals, so we can always make replicas by hand more humble, desk size .

A starfighter as a bookshelf

Undoubtedly, the aesthetics of the wide variety of spaceships attracts attention in all the films of the saga, so it is not surprising that many lovers of DIY try to imitate them when building furniture for your home. In this case, the shape of a TIE fighter could not be more suitable for mounting a floor shelf , of those that we use for the little ones to keep their books or as a shoemaker. In this tutorial you will discover how to do one step by step.

A Death Star in the dining room

The dream of any student flat with ‘geek pride ‘ can be eating and dining on the very Death Star. This DIY project (‘do it yourself’) of Instructables comes to reaffirm that the fans of ‘Star Wars’ are the most creative that there is in the network. It is a table stretcher that not only simulates the large space station with its round shape, but also has 9 led lights strategically located to give life to the intergalactic dining room. Of course, we can not destroy planets with our table.

A Han Solo in carbonite and at your door

Undoubtedly, one of the hardest scenes of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is in which Darth Vader freezes Han Solo in carbonite. To this day, you can repeat it every day while you get up and look at the door of your room . Perhaps this sticker the size of a door is one of the most sinister domestic objects to decorate your home. Although if you want to recreate yourself in the scene, you can also get a ice bucket with frozen Han Solo shape, or with this Lego that recreates the carbonite tank.

A Dark Side Toaster

In every home temple dedicated to ‘Star Wars’ can not miss their appliance of the saga. One of the funniest is Darth Vader’s toaster , which spits slices of sliced ​​bread with the ‘Star Wars’ logo . Does anyone come up with a better way to start the day than with the subordinate Dark Side preparing breakfast?

Do not underestimate the power of this armchair

We close this collection of domestic tributes to ‘The Star Wars’ with a piece of furniture that will delight any fan of his films. This is the chair of Darth Vader , designed to decorate any children’s room (sorry, here there are no possibilities for the older ones to enjoy it) and that will make the occupant feel a little closer to the Dark Side .


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