10 tricks for small bathrooms

The bathrooms are very often small even in big houses, especially if we talk about the main bath house.

10 tricks for small bathrooms

With greater reason in small apartments , almost always in the construction project is reduced to minimum dimensions of the bathroom to gain space in other rooms, since it is considered that the bathroom is part of the services of the house, and not It gives you the importance you really have, when the bathroom is as important as any room. That’s why, today we’re going to see 10 tricks for small bathrooms :

If you have a small bathroom, you should know that as well as the kitchens or the small bedrooms , the bathrooms with their particularities also have their tricks. Whether you are willing to make a reform in your bathroom or not, take note of these tricks to increase the available space, visually and / or functionally, applying a few ideas and without much work, you can get a great improvement:

1.   Especially if the bathroom has a very large bathtub that is almost always used as a shower. A shower of 80x80cm with glass screen allows a very comfortable toilet, and will occupy much less than the bathtub. If in addition the screens are made of transparent glass, the sensation of space will not be visually interrupted, which will make the bathroom appear larger. Actually, there is a big difference between a shower with transparent glass screens and one with curtains or opaque doors. If you prefer, the doors can also have a translucent part or with some silkscreen.

With the useful space we gained by placing the shower instead of the bathtub, we get an additional space that is a great improvement if the bathroom is very small. You can even place in your place a customizable furniture like the Twin of Vismaravetro, and have a shower and a very spacious wardrobe that combines the aluminum of its profiles with panels of tempered safety glass, with a mirror front option:

2. Washing machine in the bathroom: If you have the washing machine in the bathroom because the kitchen is also small or for whatever reason, you have two options: Order a custom cabinet where you keep the washing machine, towels, detergents, etc, preferably white and partially of glass, or with the front of mirror like the one that we have seen of Vismaravetro, that combines shower and closet for the washing machine, or to look for a washing machine of pretty design. There are washing machines in metallic tones for example that are designed to be visible and are very aesthetic. In this case you can place glass shelves to take advantage of the space above the washing machine.

3. Eliminate toilets that we do not use , such as the bidet : Old houses almost always have it, but it is almost never used, especially if there are no children or elderly people at home. You have to assess in each case if it is really used or is just occupying a valuable space, and consider eliminating it. You can use to renew the flooring and put a more current one. In recent years, the variety of floorings for wet rooms such as bathrooms has become immense, and there are great options that are easy to install without the need for construction, such as vinyl adhesive pavements.

4. It is also possible that the bathroom has a double sink and there is no countertop space. In this case consider replacing it with a single washbasin and take advantage to place a wardrobe underneath, where to store the products for the bathroom and have them on hand.

5. Glass , glass, glass: Not only the screens of the shower or bathtub should be made of glass, use glass whenever you can in cupboard doors , cabinets or shelves , and even in the bathroom door you can put a semi-transparent glass or translucent, although this depends a little on the location of the door and privacy, it can be ideal for example for bedroom bathrooms that overlook a private hallway. Glass is the material that allows a minimum thickness, maximum passage of light and visual continuity, therefore it is highly recommended in small bathrooms, and as long as the interiors of the closet are kept in order, it is the best option.

6. Shelves: Shelves are the simplest and most affordable storage option, they are tremendously useful in small bathrooms because their versatile placement means that there is always a space for them, in some side or corner, on the toilet or on the door. Serve to place towels, baskets, vases … the key to the things that are in view is to try to keep them in order , you know that this is one of the most basic recommendations of small spaces in general.

7. Mirror with a closet-bottom : Instead of a common mirror, choose a cabinet with a mirror front, where you can store makeup, creams or medicines, without looking like a wardrobe. For its minimalism, it will combine practically everything, whatever the style and furniture of the rest of the bathroom. On the other hand, you already know that mirrors help to multiply space visually, so do not hesitate to place more than one.

8. Accessories and / or bathroom accessories: Use accessories of a scale appropriate to your small bathroom, flee from temptations such as bathtubs with legs , which however beautiful they are, it is better to leave them for baths a little more big. If your bathroom is small you should not place too many pictures, prints and figures, as they could add too much visual weight to a small bathroom, to lighten the visual load of the space, try to make the decoration minimalist although the base is clear and smooth You can place some works without problem.

9. Color: Do not hesitate to abuse the color white and other light and smooth colors in furniture and tiles, will give luminosity and the visual sensation of a wider space. It’s not that contrasts are not allowed, but avoid dark colors as the main basis.

10. Incorporates bright light : fluorescent and halogen lights are suitable for a small bathroom, a distribution of small recessed ceiling and if you want a wall on / next to the mirror, will give a good contribution of light, which will avoid shadows in the corners and next to the light colors will make your bathroom look bigger.

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