How to get rid of silverfish naturally?

One of the main occupations and concerns within our home is safety and cleanliness. Not having insured both can generate problems of various kinds, of course not only in the most aesthetic aspect but also health problems in the inhabitants of the house, especially if there are children, elderly people, people with base or pets. In this article, we will show how to get rid of silverfish naturally.

How to get rid of silverfish naturally?

How to get rid of silverfish naturally

I complicate finish with the silver minnows in case they have been installed in your house due to its very high capacity of reproduction. In addition to that, they are usually hiding in cracks and corners not very accessible and their customs are more nocturnal than daytime. Despite this, there are certain remedies to eliminate silver minnows from your home:

Boric acid: This product is very easy to get, in any large store you can get it, and also has no side effects in people, although you must be careful in case you have pets at home, avoiding to approach the places where he is present. You only have to take the acid and sprinkle it in those areas where you suspect the nests may be since it is poisonous for these insects.

Ethyl alcohol: It is also very easy to buy in any supermarket. It is very effective in the case of finding the nests. Spray it to remove the silver minnows.

Diatomaceous earth: It is a white powder, similar to talc, formed by fossilized unicellular algae and silica. This compound, when it comes in contact with the skin of the insect dehydrates it, since it perforates the keratin layer that surrounds it. You can find it in many shops, especially if they have a gardening section, and it is innocuous for people and pets. You only have to scatter it through the passage sites and the nests of the silver minnows.

Insecticides: You can also resort to the classic insecticides, but you have to be careful with them when handling and placing them since they contain chemical components that can be dangerous for the health of both household members and pets.

How to prevent the appearance of silver fishes at home

How to get rid of silverfish naturally

If you have already managed to eliminate the silver minnows or silverfish from your home and do not want them to reappear anymore, you can take some precautions and keep certain routines in your home to avoid it:

Adequate cleaning: Keep the correct hygiene constantly, especially in those more humid and warm places of the house. Try not to have food remains in those areas.

Air your home: Try to air your house every day, especially the less accessible and more humid parts, such as the basement or the pantry, to avoid that the heat and humidity are too high.

One of the most common problems that can take place in our home is the occurrence of pests. Although they are not very dangerous, even if the insect that produces them is harmless.

The lack of hygiene and secondary problems that can arise from its appearance increase if we can not adequately get rid of the plague.

Surely, you have already seen this curious insect that looks like a small centipede and that, despite being harmless and causing no harm to humans, is often unpleasant. Its metallic skin tone gives it its popular name, but its scientific name, less known, is Lepisma saccharina.

They are usually between 8 and 12 centimeters long and as we have already mentioned. They have a very characteristic gray or silver color, unlike any other type of insect. Its small body is divided into several fragments and also has two long antennae in the head.

Although they tend to live in the wild, there are certain places within a house where the right conditions can be developed for silver minnows to reproduce. For this, they need food, moisture, and heat.

Silver minnows feed on all kinds of organic matter, that is, food remains (especially if it has a high sugar content), dead skin remains, hair, cellulose and even other dead insects. That is why they are in certain places in the house, such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the basement where it is very simple to create the perfect habitat for this plague to appear.

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