Festive and Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations for Your Home

Festive and Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations for Your Home

Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without the star of the table – the turkey. However, the festive spirit of Thanksgiving can be extended to your home décor with the help of fun and creative turkey decorations. There are plenty of ways to add a touch of Thanksgiving flair with turkey-themed centerpieces, wall hangings, and other decorative items. With some DIY skills and crafty ideas, you can create eye-catching turkey decorations that will amaze your family and guests.

Front Door Decorations

Welcome guests to your Thanksgiving feast with some cheery turkey accents on your front door. A wreath is a classic option, so consider making one covered in fall leaves, pinecones, tiny pumpkins, and little paper turkey cutouts. Or skip the wreath and just tie a bundle of fall foliage to your door handle, along with a “Happy Thanksgiving” sign featuring a colorful turkey illustration.

For a more whimsical vibe, hang a wooden turkey silhouette or metal cut-out turkey from your door knocker. Adhere feathers, sequins, or other embellishments to your turkey with craft glue to add some flair. You can also display a plush stuffed turkey toy on your front steps or hang one from the front doorknob. Just make sure it’s securely fastened so it doesn’t blow away!

Front Door Decorations

Entryway Décor

The entryway offers another opportunity to showcase your turkey décor. Drape fall-colored garlands across the walls or banisters and tuck in paper turkey die-cuts. Set out a cheerful seasonal doormat with a turkey on it to pleasantly greet your guests.

For a natural touch, arrange autumn gourds, mini pumpkins, and pots of chrysanthemums on console tables or shelves. Tuck in a little stuffed turkey or two for an extra fun touch.

Table Centerpieces

The Thanksgiving table must include turkey-themed centerpieces, of course! There are many creative routes to take, from DIY paper turkeys to fresh flower arrangements.

For an easy paper turkey project, cut turkey body shapes from brown paper lunch bags. Glue on red paper feathers and gobble faces. Arrange the turkey shapes in a wreath form or line them up down the center of your table.

Gather autumn flowers like chrysanthemums, daisies, and gerbera daisies and arrange them in a low basket or ceramic turkey platter. Tuck in sprigs of fall leaves and mini gourds for more texture. Place faux or fresh red berries around the arrangement for a nice pop of contrasting color.

For a kid-friendly twist, arrange pinecones, acorns, colorful leaves, and other natural items on your table to create a turkey scene. Use a large pinecone for the body, smaller ones for the wings, and leaf shapes for the tail feathers. The kids will love helping out with this project!

Wall Décor

Mantel Décor

Your mantel is the perfect spot to proudly display Thanksgiving turkey flair. One simple idea is to place turkey candleholders on each end. Find ones shaped like turkeys or that have turkey silhouettes cut into them. Pinecones, fall foliage, and tea light candles can fill in the rest of the space for a complete seasonal display.

Or skip the candles and create a Thanksgiving garland for your mantel instead. Use fall-colored ribbon or raffia and tie on tiny paper turkey die-cuts. For a natural touch, glue fabric turkey shapes onto real sticks and branches and arrange them along the garland. You can hang the garland alone or entwined with twinkle lights.

For more interesting textures, hang alternating wreaths and swags featuring different elements. Create one wreath covered in feathers to represent the turkey and another swag covered in plaid fabric or burlap to signify the pilgrims. A few miniature pumpkins, gourds, and plaids bows are nice finishing touches.

Wall Décor

Bring turkey cheer to your empty walls with DIY art, prints, and accents. A unique idea is to create a gallery wall featuring framed leaves you’ve collected in autumn hues. Cut out turkey silhouettes from brown paper and add them throughout the display. This adds seasonal flair without overwhelming the space.

For fun family memories, have the kids trace their hands on brown construction paper and cut them out. Glue the hands together in the shape of a turkey and write what they are thankful for on the feathers. Hang up these gratitude turkeys for a thoughtful wall accent.

Search sites like Etsy for Thanksgiving turkey art prints you can frame and display. Choose colorful graphic prints that match your home’s style, from watercolor turkeys to turkey puns to folk art-inspired designs. Group several together for impact or hang them individually around the home.

Outdoor Décor

Let your turkey decorations strut their stuff outside too! Adorn your front porch, railings, trees, and gardens with turkeys and fall flair. Options include:

  • Wooden or metal cut-out turkey silhouettes in fun colors mounted on the walls or railings
  • Inflatable turkey tubes waving in the breeze
  • Plush turkey pillows stacked on pumpkins and gourds
  • Hay bales with fabricated turkey legs sticking out
  • Fall flower arrangements in galvanized tubs with turkey figurines tucked in
  • Life-size turkey statues on the lawn or walkway
  • Turkey feather flags on stakes lining the sidewalk
  • Pilgrim hat adorning a garden scarecrow

Have fun pairing these turkey accents with other autumnal decorations like pumpkins, leaves, flowers, and branches.

Place Settings

The place settings offer a chance to add some turkey detail through napkins, napkin rings, chargers, and table runners.

Fold linen napkins into simple shapes like triangles or rectangles. Use maple leaves, twine, and turkey name tags as embellishments. For napkin rings, glue feathers onto plain wooden rings or insert folded origami paper turkeys.

Turkey-shaped chargers are another nice touch. Search for affordable plastic or metal turkey chargers you can place under the dinner plates. They instantly tie the whole place setting together.

You can also make or buy inexpensive turkey-themed table runners. Look for ones made of burlap,felt, or rustic fabrics printed with turkeys, leaves, and plaid accents. Drape them down the center of the table or along just a section.

DIY Turkey Crafts

Once you’ve decked out the decor, keep the turkey creativity going with some fun DIY turkey crafts. These make great activities to do with kids leading up to Thanksgiving or as favors for guests.

  • Handprint turkeys – Trace hands onto brown paper and cut out. Glue onto a paper turkey body. Decorate with crayons, feathers, or fabric.
  • Clothespin turkeys – Paint plain wooden clothespins brown and glue on googly eyes and red paper beaks. Use a sharpie to draw on legs and wattle.
  • Thumbprint turkeys – Paint a simple turkey body shape on paper. Have kids stamp thumbprint feathers using brown and red paint.
  • Pinecone turkeys – Glue pinecone wings onto a larger pinecone body. Add googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs.
  • Cookie turkeys – Decorate sugar cookies cut into turkey shapes with icing, sprinkles, and candy corn.
  • Place card turkeys – Glue feathers onto blank place cards. Write each guest’s name on the body.

The ideas are endless when it comes to DIY turkey crafts. Let your creativity fly and get the whole family involved in making these fun favors.

Turkey Decorating Tips

Turkey Decorating Tips

When decorating with turkeys for Thanksgiving, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to a color palette of autumnal hues like red, orange, yellow, brown, and green. This enhances the seasonal feeling.
  • Incorporate natural textures like leaves, pinecones, acorns, twigs, straw, and flowers for organic appeal.
  • Mix and match styles from elegant to rustic, whimsical to traditional. Play up what fits your home’s style.
  • Reuse what you have on hand, like vases and candleholders, and simply accessorize them for Thanksgiving with turkeys.
  • Display turkeys in different poses, sizes, and mediums for visual interest. Flock them in groups for impact.
  • Have fun with funny turkey puns, lively turkey artwork, or general silliness. Turkey decor doesn’t have to be too serious.
  • Place turkey decorations where guests will see them, like the entryway, table, mantel, and outdoor areas.

With a dash of turkey décor throughout your home, you’ll be ready for the ultimate Thanksgiving feast!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good places to buy or make turkey decorations?

You can find turkey decorations at most craft stores, grocery stores, or department stores as Thanksgiving approaches. Online retailers like Amazon and party supply stores are other options. For homemade ideas, check Pinterest, blogs, YouTube tutorials, and DIY magazines.

When should I put up and take down Thanksgiving turkey decorations?

Most people put up general Thanksgiving or fall decorations by early to mid-November. You can start displaying specific turkey accents closer to Thanksgiving, such as a couple of weeks before. Take decorations down a few days after Thanksgiving or keep them up through November and early December.

How can I make turkey decorations on a budget?

There are many ways to create turkey decorations cheaply. Use paper bags and construction paper for DIY turkeys. Raid your recycling bin for empty containers, cardboard tubes, and egg cartons to decorate. Paint pinecones from outdoors and reuse old fabric, ribbons, and wood scraps for garlands and wreaths. Dollar store craft supplies are great for sticking to a budget too.

What are good turkey decoration ideas for outside?

Some fun turkey decorations for the outdoors include inflatable or metal turkey silhouettes for the yard, blooming pots of chrysanthemums with turkey figurines, scarecrows with pilgrim hats, hay bales with turkey leg props, turkey feather flags, and plush turkey pillows on your porch.

How can I incorporate turkey decorations on my Thanksgiving table?

For turkey table decorations, make a centerpiece with paper turkeys, pinecones, gourds, leaves, and candles. Use turkey-shaped candleholders, plates, napkin rings, and table runners. Make turkey place cards for guests. Arrange fall flowers in a turkey-shaped bowl or platter. Scatter small turkey figurines around the table.


Turkey decorations are a must for sprucing up your home for Thanksgiving. With creative DIY projects and store-bought finds, you can deck out your space inside and out with festive turkeys and autumn flair. Places to embellish include the front door, table, mantel, walls, outdoors, and more. Opt for turkeys in all sizes, poses, and mediums. Discover the joy of Christmas craft gifts for all, blending styles from elegant to silly for a delightful variety. Infuse seasonal ambiance by incorporating natural elements like leaves and gourds, and don’t forget to showcase turkey decorations where your guests can appreciate the cheerful flair as you gather to give thanks.

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