You do not have to have a huge bathroom to get a great result. We have 20 ideas to make your small bathroom the most beautiful of its kind
Challenging the space. A small bathroom is full of possibilities. It is true that the meters are scarce, but since when is a problem? You just have to sharpen the wit and take note of all the interior designer ideas that we have collected in this article.

A small bathroom has many advantages that you should know how to take advantage of and that is, there is small furniture, adaptable and simple that with a little decoration are perfect for any toilet of a few meters. A sliding door or large mirrors, are some of the tricks to make your bathroom look bigger than it is, or so that at least, you can make the most of every corner of this space. The colors are also the key in the decoration of the sink and will mark a certain style.

Let’s call them tricks, tips or clues. The fact is that they are easy to apply and the effect will be almost magical. If space does not stand out because of its dimensions, we will make it surprising by its aesthetics. And all this, without neglecting functionality, mandatory quality in bathrooms and toilets. For example, if your bathroom is small, you should not ask yourself whether to put a bath or shower. Always opt for the second option, and if possible, with a transparent glass screen that will generate a sense of aptitude. Here are the 20 best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

The keys for mini bathrooms

Objective: that any small bathroom detaches charm. It is about taking into account the most important aspects to take into account whether you are going to reform your bathroom or toilet or if you want to improve its appearance with some deco brush strokes that you can incorporate.

The plants are very good allies in the decoration of toilets, for example. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.


You will achieve dynamism by combining different finishes, tiles, paint, paper …

The white, safe bet

Always hit with the color that multiplies the light and that gives amplitude. But to reduce coldness, opt for black & White. Eternal and always suitable. See how easy it is to achieve this result.

Simplicity, less is more

No complications so as not to saturate a small space. A sink, toilet, and shower. Simple lines for toilets and furniture and let the accessories personalize them. In mini bathrooms, the correct distribution is what ensures mobility in the central area. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

Polished cement effect

Whether microcemento polished cement or tiles that imitate this material, the continuity and neutrality that this finish offers results in current spaces.


A trick that works: create an eclectic space in general, very neutral and simple, and reserve pieces that stand out for the front of the sink. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

Highlight the wall of the shower

With a shocking coating that can be seen through the transparent glass screen. It will grant a feeling of depth. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

The ground, a shocking note

Although it is a small bathroom, it is allowed to risk. Choose sobriety in the walls and ceiling and let the floor look with a striking lining. The optical game of the hydraulics does not leave indifferent. You can resort to vinyl floors of this finish to cover your current one or place a vinyl carpet of this type.


A striking tone that floods the bathroom. You can choose a colored tile if you are going to reform the bathroom or paint a front with tile paint.


An essential decorative element on the sink. Let me look at this front with a maxi mirror. Also, if the bathroom has a window, it reflects natural light.

Hanging lamps


We are more used to the spotlights in the bathroom, but hanging ceiling lamps on the sink or in a corner, combined several at different heights, or install adjustable wall sconces is a plus of style. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

The lighting

In the bathroom, the general lighting is important but also the spotlight on the sink area to see you well. What is often forgotten is that creating special lighting in the bathroom is very pleasant to relax while you shower or apply creams and masks. Look at this effect, designed by the interior designer.

The sink

The sink is a good element with which to gain space (there are reduced background designs that leave the central area of the bathroom more clear) and its aesthetic weight is undeniable (forms unthinkable years ago for a washbasin).

The textiles

We refer to towels, use them to provide color in the most neutral environments. Choose flashy towels and wax them on the towel racks, on wall racks or folded and stacked on a shelf.


Essential deco objects to get the bathroom you want: one or several framed sheets (either hanging on the wall or supported on a shelf or shelf) and a plant or several leaves or flowers in a vase. It is one of the best ideas to decorate small bathrooms.

Dual purpose

An ideal way to decorate and gain space in a small bathroom is to have furniture or dual-use items, such as a radiator that also serves to hang towels. There are different sizes and designs, that’s why it is adaptable to any type of sink.

Glass shower screen

A transparent glass screen will let you see the shower space and generate a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness in your small bathroom.


The plants are good allies to decorate the bathroom. They give you a feeling of freshness, order, and color. Depending on the decoration of your toilet, you can choose a type of plants or other, larger or smaller, more showy or discreet. The point is that green is very good for bathrooms.

Floating furniture

An original and practical way to decorate the bathroom is with floating furniture. These allow taking better advantage of the space since they leave free holes. When leaving the floor naked, they give a feeling of spaciousness.

Sliding door

The sliding doors are very useful so as not to waste space so that your bathroom looks as big as it is.

Decoration in black and white

Although, before we have discussed the importance of white to decorate the bathroom and make it look bigger, now we say that betting on the contrast between black and white for the decoration of the toilet, is a success to give a sense of spaciousness and organization.

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