Four Tips to Help you Decorate your Holiday Let

If you have bought a property that you would like to let out to holiday makers, you will likely want to do it up first and get it ready.

Here are four tips to help you get the décor right…

Don’t Go Overboard – Keep it Simple – It can be tempting for new holiday let owners to go to town on the décor, but this can actually cause problems. A simple yet homely style is what you want, with all of the essentials, but not too much fussiness.

Consider the practicalities of keeping it clean and making sure that all of the items have not been broken or damaged in any way – the less there is in the first place the less you have to worry about.

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Choose Good Quality, Comfortable Sofas and Beds – Comfort is an important part of a holiday, so make sure that you are not sacrificing comfort when you are furnishing the property. As well as making sure that you have an adequate quantity of beds and seating options, you should also choose comfortable furniture. Whether you are decorating a cottage and opt for a vintage sofa like this or you want a more modern look, always make sure that comfort is number one!

Make it Durable – You want to make sure that you have things that can withstand the wear and tear of lots of guests coming and going, so make sure that you consider the durability when you are choosing items for a holiday rental property.

From bathroom fittings to flooring, you should always think about what is practical and tough as well as being easy to clean as you want to get plenty of use out of it.

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Don’t Make it Personal – Although it is nice to make a place feel like home, if you make it too personal it is not going to appeal to everyone. The trick with a holiday let is to create a place that is inviting to everyone, but is not full of your own trinkets, possessions and photographs.

The other thing that you run the risk of if you fill it with things that mean a lot to you is the fact that things could get damaged or broken and when they are irreplaceable this can be upsetting.

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