Create the Right Impression with your Reception Area

The reception area is one of the most important parts of a business. Visitors form an impression of a place within seconds of arriving, and as the reception is the first place that a visitor sees in a company, they will often form an impression of the entire company based on the reception area. For this reason, it is really crucial to put a lot of thought into your reception area and make sure that all visitors impressions are the right ones!

You want the reception area to feel friendly, professional and welcoming. Making sure that there is someone to promptly greet the visitor is key, as nobody likes to be kept waiting. But a lot of it also comes down to the reception area itself.

Keeping the area clean and tidy is essential, particularly as these areas that have a lot of traffic in and out can often build up mess from outside, as well as clutter that people place near doors to be collected or deliveries that have come in – so take care to keep it clean.

Making sure that visitors are comfortable whilst they wait can be done in many ways. Comfortable seating is good as a lot of the time people may have to wait for a bit – you can get reception chairs here. It is also good to have some welcoming additions to the area – plants are great, as well as a facility for drinks such as a water dispenser.

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