Hobbies that keep your hands occupied

Keeping your hands busy means that your mind is active, preventing boredom and helping to keep your brain fit and healthy. It’s an ideal way to stop other, less wanted habits such as smoking or chewing your nails. Keep your hands occupied and you’ll be less likely to use them for other things.


Measuring, cutting, pinning, stitching.. Sewing is a hobby that’s all about using your hands to make beautiful things. Whether you’re following a pattern to make a predesigned project, making a quilt with patchwork, doing it free-style, or have taken up hand embroidery, there’s a huge breadth of options available within the hobby.

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The art of beautiful writing is one that’s slowly leaving us, with CNN reporting that 33% of people have difficulty reading their own handwriting. The increased reliance on technology for writing means that we’re ever less likely to pick up a pen.

True calligraphy, however, is an art form involving patience and skill. Easy to start, with a large number of online tutorials available and very little by way of equipment required to get going, it’s a quick and easy hobby to have a go at – and prevents your handwriting from resembling that of the fabled doctor!


Crochet is seeing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity lately, with wool-related crafts in general coming back into fashion. The creation of crochet kits has increased access to the hobby, with easy-to-pick-up projects now available that come complete with everything you need to create a finished piece.

If you want to see the latest collection of crochet kits available, have a look at specialist sites online where you will find kits suitable for levels ranging from beginners to advanced hookers.

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Learn an instrument

Music’s a fantastic way to engage your brain and hands, with the range of options being vast and lessons being easily available both online and in most local areas. It’s shown to improve mental performance and is a skill that only improves with time, easing stress as you go and giving you a true appreciation for music.

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