Best Feng shui decorating ideas

Best Feng shui decorating ideas

Today we present to fans of Feng Shui decoration, some tips to adopt it to decorate your home. So that you can achieve in your home the balance you want, channeling the energy of each of the rooms in your home.

It is a very ancient Chinese practice, in which it is believed that it can increase the flow of personal wealth by adjusting the flow of energy in the environment of each individual. If you are interested in starting to practice Feng Shui. Here we will tell you what steps to follow in your home and put it into practice for prosperity:

General concepts in decoration Feng Shui

To achieve this, it is important to take into account the distribution of the furniture and the shades used. So that the environment is in balance and positive energies reign in it. To achieve this balance we work with colors, animal symbols, numbers and the five fundamental elements (water, wood, earth, fire, and metal). It is one of the best Feng shui decorating ideas.

Also important in this type of decoration are bright objects such as mirrors. And artificial lights, incorporate in each room a different color, elements that produce sounds such as delicate bells. And living elements as well as plants or fish tanks.

As much as possible it is advisable to opt for square houses, choose the rounded elements in front of the treble, do not align mirrors with doors. And windows, incorporate elements that involve water And maintain a clean and impeccable order.

OrderBest Feng shui decorating ideas

First of all, you should start by having your house neat and clean. Disorder creates negativity in environments. And if we avoid it, we can begin to run positive energy in our home giving way to prosperity. Clean your home daily and get rid of garbage, unnecessary things and plants in poor condition.


Try to incorporate elements of water in your home. Water symbolizes wealth. Place water sources and it is important that the water is in constant movement and not stagnant.

Lower the lid of the toilet and always close the bathroom door so as not to let the negative energies of standing water pass by. If you can not incorporate water, you can opt for art that incorporates it or decoration with touches of blue. It is one of the best Feng shui decorating ideas.

Three equal accessories

Similar objects of three is another way to help positive energy in your home. This can be three candles, three dishes, three photos, etc. The best option is that the elements of three have colors such as purple, red, gold and green, as they are the colors associated with money, royalty and wealth.

Plants and flowers

Use plants and flowers to give you positive energy. The color green has a great power of positive energy. In principle, the bamboo plant or the jade plant are considered symbols of wealth and prosperity. It is one of the best Feng shui decorating ideas.


The crystals are impulses of positive energy, therefore you can hang a crystal through a red cord, especially in the back left corner of the living room, since it is the point of wealth in every home.


Finally, having fish as pets is another way to achieve prosperity through Feng Shui in our home. Choose fish of very cheerful color, like orange and a blackfish. The blackfish through the water will absorb all the negativity in your home.

Gas burners

Gas burners are considered a flow of wealth in a house. You must keep it clean and in good condition to let this key flow in your homework. It is one of the best Feng shui decorating ideas.

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