Feng Shui decoration for bedrooms. Positive energy flows

Feng Shui decoration for bedrooms. Positive energy flows

The decoration Feng Shui. The Chinese principles of feng shui, applied to decoration, are the technique by which greater relaxation, comfort. And tranquility is achieved through the placement of the elements.

Therefore, feng shui decoration for bedrooms is very appropriate to get the best rest. Although it is a technique that is also applied in the decoration of feng shui salon to obtain the benefits of the doctrine in the living room of the family.

The Feng doctrine of health and harmony pursues that everything is placed. And thought to achieve the goal: success, abundance, vitality. And a recognition that combines for a great life.

Feng shui decoration offers a special atmosphere to the bedroom. This is the most important space in the house according to this belief since it is the place where you have your privacy. You rest and start a new day. The feng shui style in double bedrooms is much in demand. But it is also easily applicable to children’s bedrooms.

How to place the furniture in the decoration feng shui bedroomFeng Shui decoration for bedrooms. Positive energy flows

The bedroom furniture in feng shui decoration should be placed so that it always creates a closed structure through which the energy can flow without leaks. It is necessary to avoid disorder. And have things in the middle since it impedes the circulation of energy.

The furniture protagonist of this room, according to the feng shui doctrine is the bed therefore almost all beliefs move around this piece of furniture. It is one of the best Feng Shui decoration for bedrooms ideas.

The bed cannot be located between the direct flow of doors and windows. But if in front of the door in order to be able to be always available to know who enters and leaves the room. And it is essential that the headboard is stuck to the wall to get the protection of our backs.

The feng shui home indicates that on the right side of the bed we have to place the furniture. Or a low table that will give us the necessary reaction against threats. And on the other hand, on the left-hand side. Everything must be placed on a high piece of furniture. Or shelves in height that represents our wisdom.

The feet of the bed should be free because they represent our inspiration. And there should be room to fly. Although in many cases a bench or auxiliary furniture is placed that softens the difference in height between the feet of the bed and the floor.

Decoration feng shui house tickets

Another area of ​​the house in which, according to this doctrine, it is essential to take care of the decoration, is the entrance. The decoration Feng Shui Hall wants that from the moment we cross the front door feel the positive energy of the Ying that we provide relaxation and security. The importance of the decoration of the receivers is enormous although we choose other styles of decoration.

Lighting in interior decoration feng shui

The lighting in feng shui decoration must be smooth, discreet and indirect. So we will avoid the spotlights. And always try to direct the light towards the ceiling so that they do not impact directly on the bed or on the people who enjoy the room, place light spots on the sides. And take advantage of decoration trends 2018  with led lights placed as indirect lighting.

The feng shui mirrors have great relevance in this feng shui decoration. Therefore, the feng shui mirrors are taken as energy flow and it can bounce off them. That’s why you can not place a mirror in front of the bed, the door or the window. In other cultures, it is used to create amplitude. And luminosity, but in the doctrine of interior decoration feng shui, we must follow its rules.

Colors in feng shui decoration colors

The feng shui colors also have great relevance in this doctrine. And you should keep them in mind when you are going to choose them in feng shui bedroom decoration.

It is one of the best Feng Shui decoration for bedrooms ideas.


It is essential to use fire colors: red, pink, purple, orange. And yellow if you want to improve the momentum and your professional recognition.

Use the beige color or any range of earth tones to give stability to social relationships.

Whites and metallic tones to get more precision in your acts and decisions.

The water tones in the feng shui decoration for bedrooms are blue and black , use them in some element of the environment if you want abundance.

The wood tones like brown or green provide health, prosperity and vitality so do not ignore them, it is as simple as placing live plants in the room.

Decoration  Zen and feng shui decoration 2018 for little money

The decoration following the criteria of feng shui doctrine does not need large investments, because the doctrine marks and indicates how to place and arrange the furniture to get positive energy flow, for that reason, it is fully compatible with a low-cost decoration. It is one of the best Feng Shui decoration for bedrooms ideas.

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