What you Need to Find out When you Move to a New Home

When you get the date to move into your new house, it suddenly gets frantic – you need to start packing everything, looking in your area for removal companies Cheltenham like this brightmoveservices.co.uk/ for example and also getting everything arranged for moving day.

In the last day or two before the big day, things can get quite stressful and there are some last-minute things that you should find out when you are moving into your new home. These include:

Finding out what time bin day is and making sure that you are aware of the procedures for both general waste and recycling. You might also want to find out about the garden waste service and how that works.

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Finding out how the electrical items that are staying in the home such as the cooker work. It is good to check if there are any instruction manuals that can be used with them that the seller can pass onto you.

The boiler and how it works. It is good to find this out and also find out if there is a service record so that you know when the next service is due.

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Where things are that shut off mains power supply – the gas meter, as well as fuse boxes and also the water stopcock.

Who are the providers of things like broadband, the gas and the electricity? Although you might want to change these it is good to check who the current provider is.

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