The Importance of Religious Celebrations

What is the importance of religious celebrations? First of all, these events commemorate the importance of the individual religion to society and to the person practicing their faith. Historically, the Christian calendar grew from the Jewish and Roman calendars. The Jewish people, who were nomadic, often travelled at night. Because of this, the moon was an important part of their calendar. Those Jewish festivals, as well as the Christian holidays, were derived from these practices.

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Christians, for example, divide their calendar year into four periods that correspond to major events in the life of Jesus. Advent is a period of preparation for Christ’s birth, and the Christian year progresses through the story of Jesus’ life, including his birth and death. Easter and Trinity weeks, on the other hand, focus on teaching and the church’s founding. Although Christian festivals are often based on a set date each year, many others move around within the same date range.

Many religious celebrations recognise certain important events in the life of a person or family. For example, bar mitzvah recognises the coming of age and responsibility of faith for a teen boy in Judaism. If you need Bar Mitzvah Cards, be sure to visit

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Celebrations in the calendars of different faiths mark special occasions to focus on historical events, a person’s spirituality or a significant moment in a person’s life cycle. This could be the fasting of Ramadan in Islam or the festival of light Diwali in the Hindu faith. Every religion has special dates or festivals that are important to those who practice that particular faith.


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