Tips for Decorating on a Budget

You can make your home look luxurious without breaking the bank, and you don’t have to settle for second-rate materials and designs. To save money, plan ahead by making a decorating budget and creating a wish list. For more ideas, you can use Pinterest or mood boards. Decide what style and type of decorating you want to achieve, and then stick to your budget. Once you have an idea of what you want to spend, start researching ways to make your home look like the ones in magazines.

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Another way to decorate on a budget is to use what you already have. You can use pieces from your home to create a unique centerpiece. Or you can use reclaimed furniture to revamp a room. Don’t think you have to replace everything, either; you can save money and buy reclaimed pieces. In order to make a big impact, you need to know where to spend money and where to save money.

If you have a limited budget, avoid expensive decor. You can find beautiful pieces of art at second hand stores for a fraction of the cost. To save money on art, you can redefine the term “wall art” to include any type of art, even old photographs. Framed pieces will add a sophisticated touch to a room without breaking the bank. If you need to smarten up your walls, consider a Plasterer Gloucester at a site like

Another important tip when decorating on a budget is to listen to your heart. After all, you are spending your money on a room that is a reflection of you. You’ll save yourself from regretting a decision later. So, follow your gut and buy items that reflect your personal style.

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Use candles and other lighting to accentuate a room and add ambiance. Fresh flowers and plants can instantly lift the mood. You can also declutter your space to breathe new life into it. New handles and knobs on old furniture can add character to it as can an inexpensive fresh coat of paint.

A lot of home decorating can be done on a shoestring if you know where to look for the best bargains. The most affordable pieces often don’t pack the biggest punch. It’s about being creative and repurposing items that some paint and a quick varnish can breathe new life into.  Even when you’re decorating on a budget, you still have the freedom to make decisions about how to use every piece to achieve the best effect.


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