The 4 best autumn tips for your garden

best autumn tips for your garden

Autumn is a good time to enter the garden.

Its soil will still contain quite a bit of heat from the summer before the winter rain hits.

This season is dedicated to collection and packing before the arrival of winter.

Here are our top four tips for making the most of your garden in the fall.

What flowers to plant in late summer

best autumn tips for your garden
Helenium is blooming with orange flowers on a background of green foliage. Beautiful flowers with bright carved petals and large dark middle stamens

Once the autumn conditions are cooler and wetter, flower planting becomes useful again.

For autumn color, consider Ceratostigma willmottianum, a small shrub with intense blue flowers and, subsequently, rich autumn color.

The best late flowers are Japanese anemones; Anemone x hybrida Whirlwind (pure white flowers)

Autumn cleaningbest autumn tips for your garden

Before wintering the tender plants, remove everything from your greenhouse, sweep away the plant debris and disinfect all the paths and staging, including the inside of the glass.

Ventilate the greenhouse in the following two days to dry it thoroughly.

Also, clean seed pots and trays in preparation for spring sowing and sowing.

Make a pile of leavesbest autumn tips for your garden

A pile of leaves adds structure and organic matter to the soil and is a great way to recycle fallen leaves.

Choose a sheltered place that does not spoil the view of your garden and using wire nets and wooden stakes, create a large basket.

Fill it with the leaves, sprinkle them with water, and leave them.

Once the leaves reach a crumbly consistency, spread them like mulch along your edges.

Maintain garden equipment

Before storing the mower on the back of the shed for the winter, it is worth sending it for service to make sure it is in perfect condition when you need it next spring.

Shears must be sharpened, while spades, forks, and other tools benefit from a good washing.

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