How to easily clean your kitchen tiles

How to easily clean your kitchen tiles

Fundamental tricks to clean one of the parts of the house that accumulates the most dirt.

The kitchen is one of the parts of the house that we use the most and accumulate the most dirt. For this reason, it is important to stop cleaning and take special care to ensure that you are as careful as possible.

One of the points that dirt is most focused on is the tiles. Especially in the areas closest to the fires or the ceramic hob, more food scraps may jump and require more effort when cleaning. We give you several tips so that your work on kitchen tiles is as complete as possible … and without involving excessive effort.

Put an order in your kitchenHow to easily clean your kitchen tiles

The first thing you should do is move everything you have on the counter in the vicinity of these fires or the glass-ceramic. This will prevent them from getting wet. You can also remove what hangs from the walls you intend to clean, and even run the broom on the floor so that the dust does not cause more problems if it is mixed with the water that falls from your cleaning. Keep reading: remove oil stain from wood

Use soap and waterHow to easily clean your kitchen tiles

Take a basin, fill it with water, add a little liquid soap, and use it to do the basic cleaning. With your scouring pad, you can use the soft part to remove light dirt and the rough part to scrub away more stubborn dirt. Then, remove the soap scum with a damp cloth and finish by using kitchen paper or a last clean, dry cloth.

Ammonia or vinegar

The ammonia will serve to disinfect some tiles or in cases where a lot of greases have accumulated. Prepare hot water mixed with this element, use rubber gloves for your cleaning and ventilate the kitchen when cleaning. Rub the joints well, finish rinsing with water, and finish drying with a cloth. In the case of vinegar, the procedure is similar (one part of white vinegar for three parts of hot water in the mixture) and go over the end with a soaked cloth.

To clean the joints

If the gaps between tile and tile have been blackened or dirty, please note that you can return them to their original state with specific products. Another option is to use baking soda. It will be worth two tablespoons mixed with water until you get a paste, which you can apply with a toothbrush. After a few minutes, you should remove it with a sponge.

Get the shine back

Using a window cleaning product you can make the tiles shinier. If you do this once a week, the effort required to maintain the brightness will be much less and they will remain in better condition for much longer.

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