How to decorate a living room

How to decorate a living room

When decorating a room there are several factors to take into account such as location, style, light, space … We give you some very useful tips to help you make the right decisions for your room.

We leave you some practical tips to keep in mind when starting the decoration of a living room and ensure final success: style, distribution.

The styleHow to decorate a living room

You have to think carefully about the tone and style you want to be able to adapt the elements to your room and avoid that in the end we are left with a meaningless mess: are you looking to decorate a modern or traditional room? Maybe something rustic? A combination of styles? Don’t be afraid to mix styles but keep in mind that to combine them you have to have a good number of neutral elements that can balance the final set.

The colorsHow to decorate a living room

A very common mistake, which follows the line of our previous reflection, is to think that everything must be combined. Look where one of the trend solutions in living rooms, and also very attractive, is to choose a color palette, combining neutral tones for the largest elements and providing a touch of color with more vivid tones in the smallest elements such as armchairs or the cushions. And remember: not only the fabrics give color, but also the materials, woods, walls and floors and, of course, the furniture and accessories.

The stay

Floors, walls, and ceilings are essential to achieve a good final balance. Soft colors on the walls, such as cream or ivory, help to give a feeling of home and harmonize the designs. And speaking of rooms and putting light colors, a trick, white will enhance the pieces you choose and can also give you a very good result in spaces with a functional-rustic air.

The distribution of space

How to decorate a living room

The great dilemma: what uses do I give to the room and, based on this, how do I organize the spaces? Where to place the dining table? Where does the sofa go? What is the focus? The answer is given by two key pieces:


When decorating a living room, you need a spotlight. If you don’t want to focus on the TV and you don’t have a fireplace, think about what you would like to attract. For a room to have its charm it must have something that represents us and we really like it, how about a painting, a chic mirror or even that wonderful console of our grandmother with modern chandeliers? Let your personality out and give your room a little identity.

The couchHow to decorate a living room

The eternal question, dark, light, patterned? The sofa will mark the color of the room a lot. It is clear that a light and neutral color would be the easiest to combine, but if we have children, light tones can be a danger (although it is true that washable and stain-resistant fabrics make things much easier today). Another interesting option may be a tan shade or an elegant pearl gray. A bright color well put or an original print, which also acts as a focus, will be a good bet. If you are looking for a striking and minimalist style take a risk with a red passion and combine it with black and white, it will look great.

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