Getting the rubbish to the tip on time

In this day and age of post-COVID changes one of the most notable things is how we go to the rubbish tip. If. As it was in my local area, a big free-for-all that saw massive queues to get and dump excess garden or household waste after a clear out of landscaping, then you’ll know what a huge improvement there is if there is a booking system put in place. Most modern councils have recognised that the turn up and chuck it method of before simply isn’t working. With the advent of social distancing, the ability to use the tip became even more of an impossible job.

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This new booking system seems to have revolutionised the whole process. Now you can book in a slot in half-hour stages. This means the council can manage the amount of visitors it has coming on to the site. Whilst this may mean a reduction in numbers using the site it means that there are no waiting times or they are extremely cut back.

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However, making the most of that time slot now seems to be of paramount importance. To this end, having a trailer could make all the difference. You’ll need to have Trailer Parts, like those from, in case there is a problem but otherwise you can load up even more items so that half an hour slot is totally utilised.

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