Building the Great Wall of China – The Ultimate Garden Fence!

Fences are what we use to make sure that we keep the garden private, safe and protected. If you have young children a fence keeps them contained in the safety of the garden, and burglars are less likely to try and get into your home when it is surrounded by a tall fence.

To help keep the back garden enclosed safely, people go to places like this fencing Cheltenham based company who supply and install fencing.

The protection that fencing offers to a home and garden is also something that was once applied to a whole country, when a huge landmark was constructed thousands of years ago…

The Great wall of China is the ultimate garden fence – built to protect the country from invaders and keep its citizens safe, this gargantuan structure actually took over 2000 years to build! The building work on the wall commenced in the 7th Century BC, originally started by the Chu state. At this time, the Chu state wanted to protect itself from its neighbouring states, but as the years went on, the other states were defeated and China’s first dynasty, the Qin dynasty was born. At the time, there were separate walls, and to promote unity, the emperor ordered for them to be connected to make one.

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Following the Qin dynasty, other dynasties followed, including the Han dynasty and the Ming dynasty, during which saw significant changes, repairs and moderations to the wall. In fact, the wall building continued even as far along as the Qing dynasty, which finished in 1911 AD, and was then no longer something that was considered necessary as warfare had started to change a lot.

There are many parts of the wall that you can visit today, and the most popular are those that were built during the Ming dynasty, so between 1368 – 1644 AD. The materials of the wall will differ from region to region, as the builders made the most of whatever local materials were available, and kilns were also built near to where they were building, so that bricks could be fired on the site.

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Millions of people flock to see the great wall today, as it is not only an important part of history but also an extremely impressive achievement and structure.

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