How to maintain a wooden terrace? 4 foolproof tips

wooden terrace

You love your wooden deck, but it requires a little maintenance. So if your pretty lounge area has lost its shine, it’s time to roll up your sleeves to restore it to its former splendor. How to maintain a wooden terrace? Don’t panic, a broom, black soap, a shade for colors and Sommières clay for persistent stains will make your wooden terrace shine! Here are our 4 practical tips to follow to properly clean your wooden deck!

4 effective methods to clean and revive the shine of your wooden deck

Is your wooden deck gray? The wood is dull and grayish, lichens and mosses have seriously attacked your terrace … A good spring cleaning will not be a luxury! With a wooden terrace, you should be aware that maintenance will be a little more important than for a  tiled terrace, a concrete or natural stone terrace. Discover all our practical advice to prepare this living space for the return of sunny days:

Flush with a broomwooden terrace

A wooden terrace can be cleaned once or twice a year with large amounts of water using a broom.

Do not hesitate to add black soap or sodium carbonate to the water to thoroughly clean the wood. This cleaning before the summer season will dislodge the dirt that will have become encrusted during the winter. It will be necessary to rub a little, but this will remove the mosses, the particles of pollution which can deposit over the weeks and which make your terrace duller and certainly more slippery.


There are different opinions on the use of a high-pressure cleaner. If in doubt, it is better to abstain. If you want to use it, set the water pressure to the minimum and leave a distance of at least 50 cm between the lance and your decking boards.

Apply a shade to restore colors

In the case of graying, you can apply a sober. This product cleans the surface of the wood and removes the grayish tint that has settled. Allow a day of work to make a sobering wooden terrace.

It must be followed by the application of a saturator which makes it possible to bring up the pigments of the essences of the wood and to restore the wood to its original color. Using oxalic acid is also an effective solution for reviving wood.

The graying is a natural process due to UV radiation on the wood and the leaching of rainwater: your wooden deck will get gray and lose the shade that you liked so much when you bought it. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about it. To avoid this, only one solution: opt for a rice husk or composite wood terrace. The shade of the deck boards will change less.

Use Sommieres soil against oily stainswooden terrace

Imagine the scene: a piece of meat or salad soaked in vinegar and oil which falls to the ground during one of your lunches and a stain of grease is encrusted … The barbecue which grills the sausages and the grease which jump on exotic wood, disaster!

Rainwater will do nothing, it will stay in place. Try to apply a little Sommières earth, absorbent, it is administered in several times.

Apply oil to restore the wood’s beautiful colorwooden terrace

When building your terrace, you had taken the time to choose with love a species of wood whose color would match your home and your garden furniture. Only, over time, your terrace has lost this beautiful honey color and you feel sorry for it… Don’t panic! It is possible to go back by applying a nourishing oil for wood added with a saturator to revive its radiance!

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