The tall and majesty or Sequoioideae or Redwood tree

Truly one of the mighests trees in the world is that of the Sequoioideae or more commonly the Redwood tree. It is native to Northern California and is considered to be the tallest trees in the world. Not only are they huge but they can also live for thousands of years. Despite their beauty and inherent importance to the world they are still under threat from a variety of sources.

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It takes some great skill to look after a tree regardless of its size. This where you need a good Poole Tree Surgeon like Their work is vital in keeping our trees alive and healthy in these difficult environmental times.

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What are the threats to the Redwood? As we mentioned the changing environment of the world has not helped the trees but then neither has increased logging, wildfires but also, conversely not allowing natural fires to curb growth and replace nutrients in the soil. Air pollution is also a factor as the trees desperately try and convert all the carbon in the air to oxygen. Finally there is the problem of people removing the disfiguring burr’s from the tree. This is still a part of the tree’s actual body and will kill it.

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