Frying Pan Qualities and Materials

When it comes to cooking, something that is just as important as the training and skills that go behind it, is the tools that are used for cooking and preparing foods. From kitchen knives to all the gadgets, a good chef knows that part of the secret to a good quality meal is ensuring that you have good quality kitchen equipment that is up to the challenge.

One of the most important things to have is a quality frying pan. Whether you are preparing the perfect steak, cooking a full English breakfast, or creating some spectacular seafood dishes, one of the most important ingredients in this is the frying pan itself.

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A crucial part of a good quality frying pan is making sure that it has a non-stick coating. A coating like this PTFE coating by Poeton is applied to the pan to make sure that food doesn’t stick to it. However, as well as the pan being non-stick, something else to take into consideration when you are choosing the frying pan that is right for you is the material that it is made from.

These are some of the popular materials that frying pans are commonly made from…

Copper – Copper pans have become increasingly popular in recent years, due in part to their good looks – a stunning metal that is pride of place in the kitchen. However, another reason for choosing a copper pan, is the fact that copper is great at conducting heat, which will mean that what you cook will have the heat quickly and evenly distributed around it.

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Stainless Steel – Another popular material for a frying pan, stainless steel is tough and long lasting. However, when it comes to stainless steel pans, you should take care to choose one that is high quality if you want the food to be cooked evenly.

Aluminium – These lightweight pans are great if you don’t want a pan that feels too heavy. They are also pretty good at conducting heat and are easy to care for. However, be aware that a lighter metal like this is more prone to damage, so it is important to be careful with an aluminium pan if you want it to last longer.

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