Preparing Your Home For Winter

In the winter our homes do a lot to protect us from the cold – but in order to help them to do this we should also be taking good care of them. Before the winter sets in, here are some things you can do to prepare your home to help you throughout the winter months…

Check the Heating – Central heating is a modern luxury, and when it goes wrong in the winter it doesn’t take long for the temperature to drop. Now is the time to have your heating checked out and have any repairs done on the boiler and heating system, so that you can be confident that it will see you through those colder days!

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Check the Roof – The roof keeps us warm and dry, so this is an important thing to protect. In the autumn, clear out the gutters, as they may well be full of fallen leaves from nearby trees, as well as moss and bird’s nests leftover from summer. It is well worth having roof sealant at the ready too, in case you need to fix your roof in the winter.

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Check the Garden – High winds can cause all kinds of problems, and your garden should be something that you prepare too. Make sure that there is nothing that could blow away and cause injury, as well as making sure that all of the things in your garden are in good repair, such as the fence.

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