Is it possible to relocate your gas meter?

There are a number of reasons as to why a property owner may want to move their gas meter. It may be that the current location is unsuitable and is making taking readings difficult or building work, such as a home extension, means it has to move. You may be wondering whether moving if it’s possible at all.
The answer is yes, although you cannot carry out the work yourself. It requires a qualified professional. In fact, according to Citizens Advice  it is illegal to attempt to relocate a gas meter yourself.

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So just how do you go about moving a gas meter?

Check with your energy supplier

Your energy supplier may be able to move your meter for you, if the move meets certain criteria. Whether they will do it depends upon a number of factors, including the current location of your meter, the type of connector it has, the reason for moving it and how far you want to move it. If you are moving your gas meter less than 100cm, only your current energy supplier will be able to do it. Anything over 100cm will involve contacting your gas transporter.

Contact your energy supplier first to see if you qualify for help to get your gas meter moved. Priority customers such as pensioners or those with a disability who need their meter moved because of difficulty reading it in its current location are likely to get the work done for free. Otherwise, if your supplier can do the work, they will give you a price. Only your current energy supplier can do the work. If another supplier offers a lower price, you will need to switch your gas supply to them first!

Contact your gas network operator

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If the work cannot be undertaken by the energy supplier, you will need to contact your gas network operator. They will need to modify the outside supply pipe for you and the work is likely to cost anywhere between Ł400 and Ł1,000 or more. Once you have selected a new gas meter box from a high-quality supplier such as, you will need a qualified Gas Safe engineer to fit it, reconnect it to the gas and carry out preparatory work too. Always get several quotes before selecting a firm.

Moving gas metres can take anywhere between four and six works to complete.

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