How to Protect Your Roof From Bad Weather

If you live in an area that has a reputation for unpredictable weather, you’ll need to learn how to protect your roof from bad weather. The UK is no exception. Storms are notorious for sneaking up on homeowners and causing massive damage. While you can’t avoid these storms completely, there are ways to protect your roof and avoid the stress of dealing with the repercussions of a damaged roof.

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The first step to protecting your roof is to regularly inspect it. You need to inspect the overall condition of the roof, and check for cracks and leaks in the walls and ceiling. If you notice any, be sure to seal them before bad weather hits. Also, be sure to check the vents. Having these in place will prevent ice and snow from building up in one area, which can cause damage to your roof. For help with choosing Roofing Materials, go to

As for the shingles themselves, loose shingles can be secured with a hammer, nails, or staples. If the shingles are not secure, apply caulk to prevent them from flying away. Trees also pose a serious threat to your roof. In windy conditions, hanging branches can break and become projectiles. Even worse, dancing branches can damage shingles, gutters, and vents.

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In addition to strong storms, spring weather also brings with it stronger winds. Wind damage to a roof can be costly to repair. If you have loose shingles, nail them down to reduce the risk of wind damage. Also, loose shingles will allow rain to get into your home and cause more damage.


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