10 uses that can be given to the basement of a house

The basement does not have to be the “lost” site of a house or use it to accumulate junk without further ado. Most cassocks (we are talking about chalets in this case) are large enough to hold more than just a pile of junk. They have much more potential.

10 ideas of how to take advantage of this potential of your basement

1. Game room . You can place all your leisure gadgets in one place and leave the living room of the house clear. Place a large TV, even a pool table or table football if the site allows it, and enjoy

2. Office at home and office. If you work from home or even if you want to have a quiet space to check your emails or your agenda, the basement may be the perfect place. If natural light is anticipated even better.

3. Guest bedroom. If you like to receive visitors in addition, you can tell them to stay overnight in a space designed for the privacy and comfort of your guests.

4. Bar / Warehouse. The basement is the place par excellence to locate the cellar and our wine collection. You can keep it simply as a comfortable and pleasant place to sit and have a drink or go further and assemble it as a full-fledged home bar with wine cooler, bar Snack, beer tap, even if it catches your attention you can make your own homemade beer.

5. Room for crafts and hobbies. Create your own refuge where to let your creativity paint, sewing, making crafts or whatever you are passionate about.

6. Home gym Another classic of basements. If you do not have a lot of time, do not feel like going to a gym away from home or just want to train a little more, a gym in the basement is the perfect choice.

7. Game room for children. The smallest of the house can have their own space to play and dream. also on cold or rainy days is appreciated to have a space where they can play without arming throughout the house. Decorate it with your favorite colors, you can even paint a wall on a blackboard so that the kids release their creativity. put large boxes and drawers where they can store their toys

8. Music room. If you like playing an instrument to yourself or a member of the family, you can condition the basement as a rehearsal room. The ideal would be to soundproof so as not to disturb the rest, either in a professional way, hiring a company for that purpose or in a home plan lining the walls with foam or with the classic “egg cups” that you will find in any large DIY surface type Leroy Merlin.

9. Multimedia room for the family. You can set up a relaxation area where you can spend Sundays with your family, watching a movie or your favorite series. A large screen, a large and comfortable sofa and many cushions are more than enough.

10. An apartment. You can use the basement to make a small apartment either for a child who wants to be independent before time or for not, to get some extra money renting if the regulations and space allow it.

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