What if the Sun stopped shining

We rely on the sun to provide us with heat, light and  generally fuel life on planet Earth.  without sunlight to interact with the environment there would be no chance of existence on this planet whatsoever.  We are perfectly placed in a rotation around the sun that  allows life.  Too close to the sun and the world is scorched. Too far away, and it becomes an ice ball.  We’ve learned to harness it to tell us the time and also to fuel our society. Its why Solar Panel Installation Bristol based company https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-bristol Can provide you with a system that will make your home self-sufficient for power and may even feedback into the National Grid which you can charge for.

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What would happen if the sun stopped shining?  Firstly we would know about it for eight minutes because that’s how long it takes for the sunlight to reach us.   Space telescopes would get an early indication that the sun had stopped moving.  The planet would be plunged into darkness and electric lights would immediately kick in providing lighting as if it were night time.  These would be the initial signs to what would eventually become a very serious problem.

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Without the sun, plants would not grow and photosynthesis would not occur. The planet would not warm and the oceans and lakes would freeze. It would be a dramatic bit of climate change way beyond anything that we’re experiencing at the moment

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