The English country garden and Eden

Gardens fall into two categories. Firstly there is the open landscape garden.  These became popular in the late 17th century through the work of lancelot capability Brown.  Brown was able to sell to the landed Gentry that the best garden was one that looked like nature.  He argued that a feature Lake with assembled trees and manufactured Hills was better than the traditional formal  garden.  This view persisted for many centuries culminating in the destruction of many of Britain’s best formal garden arrangements.

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However some have survived and with the help of companies like this Fencing Gloucester based specialist You can also begin to copy the Old formal designs.  A formal garden  owes its roots back to the times of  antiquity.  garden design was based around a structured look.  flowers were in neat order, Hedges were trimmed into boxes  planting was done to military  precision.  The idea behind this was to illustrate to nature that human beings were in charge and it will do what we say.

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It was also an attempt to recreate the Garden of the Eden, If you are a Christian or that of Jannah if you are of the Muslim faith. Eden, it is believed, is also a Walled Garden protected from the outside so that all animals and plants can grow and live in complete harmony with each other.  These formal gardens also featured a central water feature like a fountain or spring that was also used to water the plants within the walled garden.

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